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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Stuff Other Than the Bar

Going back and forth between responding to motions in limine for an upcoming trial, and freaking out, is not working. So I figured I'd try some happier distractions: other stuff that's going on.

Some friends of ours got married this weekend. Husband was a groomsman. So, we had a busy weekend of celebrating. The wedding was perfect, it was a beautiful day for it, outside at a local winery. The bride arrived in a horse-drawn carriage, and the groom cried. It was lovely. The wine was lovely too. So lovely that it upset my delicate tummy (I suspect wine + bar-exam-induced ulcers don't mix), but I was okay by morning and doing my usual Sunday chores.

However, Husband was quite hung-over, and ended up with a bad headache. As I was gathering up his dirty laundry from the floor on his side of the bed (we have long since lost the battle with getting him to put dirty clothes into a "hamper"), in his hangover fog, he told me to get his wallet out of his pants before I washed them. So, I didn't think to check the pockets after that, I figured that's all he had in there. Nope. That afternoon we discovered I had washed his cell phone, whoops. We'd been debating between getting iPhones and getting Blackberries, so we needed to hurry up and make a decision. Since Sprint refused to give us a good deal (only $150 off the $500 Blackberry for him, nothing for me), we broke my contract with Sprint, went with AT&T and got iPhones. Absolutely love it, it's awesome. Paid less for two iPhones than I would have for my Blackberry, and the added bonus of actually getting service in boofoo. (There's an entire county on the interstate where I didn't get service with Sprint. That is definite fail.) Also, that takes care of getting Husband a new iPod, since his is seriously old and barely holds any music on it (and no video). Much more expensive than what we were paying with Sprint, but it's at least much more useful for both of us. He's using it a lot in clinic, and I'll be using it a lot for business too, as I did the past two days when working at home.

Not much else going on. Cora is still a chatterbox, a bossy boots, and a drama queen, but she's doing a lot better at her Small Town daycare. She no longer screams like the world is coming to an end when I leave her there, and the other day, she even reached out for the lady to hold her when we walked in. She obviously doesn't like it as much as her other daycare. There aren't big smiles when she walks in, more like quiet resignation. But oh well. I had my uppity moment this week when I picked her up on Monday and the lady was gushing about how smart Cora is, because she knows all of her ABC's, and she can count to 5 (she can actually count to 10, and she knows her numbers 0-20). I was like, yeah, she's really smart (thinking, actually, that's what happens when you take the time to teach kids stuff in daycare instead of letting them watch Barney all day). But, that isn't to under-estimate the abilities of my toddler, because she is quite brilliant. She's also very much ready for potty training, although I am not. We bought her a kid potty, but it's in the trunk of Husband's car. I'm scared of it. But we're at the point that if she wakes up in the morning and has a dirty diaper, she's going to strip herself down and "take care of the problem," i.e. make a huge disgusting mess. Ugh. So, it's time.

Anyway, people keep calling me and emailing me and expecting me to do lawyer stuff. It's getting really annoying. Doesn't the entire world know I am waiting anxiously for bar results and to just leave me alone until then? I don't get why the world doesn't stop for my angst. It stops for my toddler's, why not mine?

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