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Sunday, October 18, 2009

October doings

This past Thursday I attended a family law CLE at my law school. My boss wanted me to go, even though I can't count the credits (they said I could only if I went over to the capitol to be sworn in early... no thanks). He wanted me to go for the information and also the networking. It was really interesting. There was a big State Supreme Court case this year that originated from our county, which changed the way custody/time-sharing is viewed. The attorney who argued (and lost) the case gave a presentation on it. I spoke with the winning attorney on the phone Friday and got her take on it. Really interesting stuff. Some of the other topics included bankruptcy (which I know very little about considering the last time I had anything to do with bankruptcy law was prior to the 2005 changes), prenuptial agreements, and accounting and goodwill valuation (which went completely over my head and nearly put me into a coma). The most interesting speaker, however, was a solicitor from England, speaking on negotiations and alternate dispute resolution. We also got to hear quite a bit about English family law, which was just fascinating. By the end of the presentation, I was emailing my husband about how we're moving to England. Of course, when I left the law school and it was cold and rainy, I remembered why I probably wouldn't like living in England. Can't wait to visit, however. (That's our plan for next fall when Husband's done with his practitioner boards.)

Since I was coming back to The City on Wednesday evening, I kept Cora with me an extra day in Small Town. It was nice, because we got to spend a lot of time together this week, particularly as a family. Husband's coursework has calmed down, and while he's spending a lot of time in his clinicals, at least he isn't working on a ton of stuff when he comes home from clinic, and he'll be done with clinic soon anyway. Then hopefully he'll be able to come to Small Town instead of me making a trip back to The City during the week. Waking up at 6am to drive two hours to work kinda sucks. I mean, it's not terrible, but I do like my sleep. Also, I dunno how much longer my poor little Corolla is going to hold together. I'm waiting for the day it just falls to pieces. It's a great car, but it's a '99 and it has almost 100,000 miles on it. Since it isn't worth anything, my plan is to drive it into the ground and then buy a new car. I'm hoping it'll last another two years, but realistically, at this rate, I'll probably only get another year out of it. So, trying very hard to get as much of my credit cards paid off as possible before that happens, so I'll even be able to get a car loan.

Anyway, lots going on the next couple weeks. This Friday is the swearing in ceremony. My father-in-law is coming in for it, then spending the night with us. If the weather's nice, we'll take him and Cora to the horse track. Cora was watching horse racing at the restaurant tonight when we went out. I should have known she'd like racing, it combines two of her favorite things: horsies and numbers. Add that to one of my favorite things (alcohol), and it's a trifecta! It should be fun though. This particular track is only open in April and October, so it'll be nice to make it out since I didn't in April. Saturday morning we have tickets to see Elmo Live, which Cora and her friend J will be very excited about. Abby Cadabby will be there too, so there will be much fangirl squeeing. We also need to find time to take Cora to the pumpkin patch to get a pumpkin and abuse pet some farm animals, as well as run through this year's corn maze. Busy weekend ahead!

Then the weekend after is Halloween. Cora has two costumes. One that is super awesome, but I'm not sure if she'll wear it (she doesn't like stuff on her head), and the other is Abby Cadabby, as a back-up. I'm going to send her to daycare in the Abby Cadabby dress on Friday, regardless. Then if I can't get her to wear the awesome costume, she can go Trick or Treating as Abby. Either one will be super cute. There will be pictures of both, regardless.

After Trick or Treating, Cora will be shipped off to spend the night with J, J's baby sister S, and Baby L (another friend's baby that's coming in from out of state for the party). My mom will be babysitting the whole gaggle of babies while we party it up at my house for our annual Halloween debauchery. The toddlers will be asleep though, so Mom will only have the two newborns to contend with. And Cora won't be awake to be insanely jealous that "Maw-Maw" is holding Baby S. She's been okay with Husband and I holding the baby, but damn, the minute she saw my mom hold her, she flipped the hell out.

The Halloween party should be a lot of fun though. Our neighbors should just be grateful that there's only one night a year we do shit like have really tacky decorations all over the exterior of our house (including a fog machine pumping smoke from our balcony) have drunk people doing rebel yells from the balcony, have drunk people participating in three-legged races on the front lawn (and water balloon fights in the back yard) at 2 in the morning, not to mention wearing some incredibly inappropriate costume when Trick or Treaters come to the door (ooh! this year I'll be wearing the incredibly inappropriate costume while Trick or Treating... sweet!). And if it's warm enough and not raining, most people will be outside on our back deck anyway. But, our neighbors have yet to complain about it, or call the cops on us. So, that's awesome at least. We all have our quirks in our neighborhood, although I suspect we're probably the quirkiest.

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