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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Meteor Shower Madness

I think this bizarre day was caused by cosmic debris. I can't explain it otherwise.

First, Cora woke up at 3am to scream at us. She calmed down after a couple minutes and went back to sleep, but I couldn't go back to sleep. So I got out of bed to check on some meteor action. Nada. Went back to bed, tossed and turned and was reminded why I sleep better alone as Husband hogged the covers, my side of the bed, and kept kicking me. (Yes, I kicked him back.)

Alarm goes off at 6am. Since we were up much later than we should be, this meant I did not get enough sleep. Crawl out of bed, shower, get dressed, can't find my make-up bag, say screw it, kiss the Husband and my child who refuses to be woken up good-bye, and hit the road for the two hour drive ahead.

Still no impressive meteor shower on the way to work. Saw only two. Decide to take a "scenic alternate route" to work to see if it will get me to work on time, since I'm running 10 minutes behind. It doesn't. I'm 15 minutes late instead, which doesn't really seem to matter, but I feel guilty because I know the boss likes punctuality. I am decidedly unpunctual no matter where I'm driving to or from. Anyway, since he left for motion hour at the time I'm supposed to be coming into work, I'm sure he noticed. Blah.

Catch my heel on the plastic runner thingy that sits under my chair, and go flying half-way across the room. Manage to not sprain or break anything, and no one saw it.

Realize I've made a $200 subtracting error in my checkbook. The error is not in my favor. Good thing I get paid again next Friday, and good thing I have plenty in savings to cover anything in the meantime. Yes, I fail at math, even with a calculator.

Spent all freakin' day working on the pretrial memoranda for our upcoming trial, which is due Friday. This should not be hard. But it was. I could not make my brain send signal to my fingers to make them type coherent words. Every sentence I wrote, I hated. I rewrote the thing a billion times. My boss will probably rewrite it, because it still sucked. Oh well, I try really hard to not suck. Sometimes I just don't succeed.

Find out that our law school's new Dean sent out an email to the alumni listserv bragging about the fantastic bar pass rates this year. The lowest rates we've had at our school in, I dunno, decades maybe. This is also the first year our bar pass rates were below the state average, and we had the lowest pass rate out of the three law schools in our state. One of those law schools is a fourth-tier law school that snobbier folks refer to as a "paralegal school." Higher bar pass rate than us, as in 92% compared to our 83%. Considering the new Dean was spouting off completely misleading employment statistics last week at the CLE, instead of telling the room full of potential employers that our grads need jobs and here are their resumes... yeah, I'm not really confident things will be getting better there. Not a penny more of my money, no way!

Finally, the really weird thing that happened is I got an email from a certain totally awesome federal agency that, you know, like, investigates stuff, saying that my application was approved and I am invited to sit for the qualification exam. I nearly fell out of my chair. I responded to find out if it was really true, and they weren't just toying with my emotions. I had been rejected; they told me I could apply again when I had additional experience that might suit their needs. Turns out they have just amended their application requirements, and I suddenly qualified, eight months later. I kinda sat there dumbfounded and just laughing. I mean, I gave up that dream. They rejected me! I took a job in the private sector, and set out to practice law. I'm a trial lawyer now (or at least I will be on Friday). I'm in the process of building a life, and a whole different set of dreams. And now this unexpected opportunity presents itself. It's just baffling. Anyway, I'm taking the exam in the spring, and we'll see what happens. I'm not going to get my hopes up, the competition is crazy. There are probably thousands of people out there thousands of times more qualified than me, with language skills and military backgrounds, and just overall better educated. If I'm not selected to go any further in the application process, then that's okay. I have a job I really like, and even though the commute thing is insane, hopefully that will be resolved by summer. I'll just be really happy to have gotten the opportunity to take the test, I was really disappointed that I didn't get to when I initially applied. But if I am selected to continue... and ultimately selected to join up... well, that will be amazing. I know I'll have to sit down with Husband and have a really serious discussion about the implications for our family, but he's been really supportive about it. He was an Army brat, so moving around for him isn't the big deal that it is for me. Me? I've never lived outside of the state. I've only lived in three cities in the state.

Also, I have to seriously lose some weight, and get in shape. I have the next six months to do this. That might be the real test, in whether I can fulfill the fitness requirements. I need to start running again, which sucks, since it's cold, and I hate running in the cold. But maybe this is the motivation I need to finally do this, to lose weight and be in good shape. I had to buy size 14 pants last night, it's incredibly depressing. My size 12 skirts are getting tight. If I don't get selected after taking the exam, well, at least I will have gotten the weight off that I need to be healthy. I just turned 29 again! I don't want to be a heart attack waiting to happen.

So, anyway, it's just been a really weird day. Nothing totally bad, just really weird. I talked my mom into giving college classes another try, so we'll see how that turns out. That might be more drama than it's worth; it certainly was the last time. The last time, she had a freak-out session when her professor asked them to write her a one-page letter about why they were taking the class and/or going to college. She withdrew from all of her classes two days into the semester, and somehow that was all my fault. Hopefully she'll last more than two days. She needs to do something, because she isn't finding another job, and probably won't. She's going to end up living with me, and that is definite fail.

Tomorrow is my last day of work for the week, and then I'll be going to the capitol on Friday for the swearing in, and I'll be bonafide!


CM said...

Wow. That's exciting. And you already have something good lined up, so it's good timing.

About your last post on not being able to keep Cora busy, I have one word for you: trains! I have yet to meet a kid who couldn't keep herself happily occupied with trains (and tracks, ideally) and if you have craigslist or freecycle in your area, people are always trying to get rid of big boxes of train stuff.

PT-LawMom said...

Holy crap, girl! That is awesome!!! You can do it!!!

LEO said...

Amazing! I love when life gets all weird and things just work out for no reason at all.

good luck!