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Monday, October 5, 2009

Counting Down

Counting down to Friday, which seems like an eternity away. At the same time, wishing Friday would never come, so I can continue to believe that I actually passed the bar instead of finding out otherwise. It's kinda like 1L grades. That happy bliss after you take finals, turning to nervousness as grades start posting, turning to disappointment as you realize you aren't nearly as smart as you thought you were. That's the entire experience of law school up to, and including, the bar exam. Effing bar exam, I hate you. I wish you would burst into flames and die a horrific death. And from then on, all the law students that graduate and have a JD, would get to practice law. Imagine that! Making it all the way through school and passing all of those subject areas means you're minimally competent to practice law. So just give me my law license already. Bastards. Stop torturing me! I told Husband that if I stroke out and die from freaking out about bar results before Friday, he'd better take my body to the capitol and get me sworn in posthumously. But I'm trying to mentally prepare myself for having failed. I just can't figure out any possible way I could have answered enough questions correctly to pass the MBE. It was way too hard, and there were way too many questions I couldn't even narrow down to two. I was way too weak on Property, and I don't think I made it up with the other subject areas.

Anyway. Today was my birthday. The big 3-0. Ick. I don't know that I've accomplished enough to be 30 yet. I was pretty sure I'd be retiring by 35. I'm pretty sure I won't even have my credit card paid off by then. I'll be 60 by the time my student loans are paid off. That fails, big time. Depression. This week is looking more doom and gloom by the minute.


LL said...

Happy Birthday! Don't feel doom and gloom, birthdays are always good regardless of your age. It's your own personal holiday.

And good luck on the Bar results - I can't believe I only found out mine 11 months ago (in Texas we have to wait until the first week of NOVEMBER), the waiting was awful - and then when you find out you passed (as I'm sure you did), it just flies out of your mind completely.

Sending good Bar vibes your way.

legally certifiable said...

Keeping my fingers crossed for you!

And Happy Birthday! I turned thirty during my first year of law school, and was a really tough one, for the same reasons you expressed. I think I went into a 6 month depression, and finally began to realize that my thirties aren't so bad.

PT-LawMom said...

Happy Birthday. Don't feel so down, sweetie. Hope the week passes quick, quick, quick and ends with great news!

CM said...

Happy belated birthday! Eh, nobody accomplishes anything by 30 anymore. I wish you a worry-free birthday week.

Dakota said...

Sorry I am late - but Happy Birthday! It is your Birthday Week - you HAVE to get good news on Friday!

I believe I will have to live to be about 106 before my loans will be paid off. I did not even start this insane journey until I was 38!

Luck, luck, luck!