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Saturday, September 12, 2009

When Domestic Relations Law Becomes Criminal Law

A woman in my City was murdered yesterday, just down the street from where a friend of mine lives. No charges have been filed yet, but it seems likely that her ex-fiance did it. The cops found him at his parents' graves, where he'd slit his wrists. Then he fired at the cops. If that isn't admissible evidence of guilt, I dunno what is. What's scandalous about the whole thing is that the guy is a former candidate for governor, and was serving in the current state administration. He recently resigned his position when the victim got a domestic violence order against him. What he was doing with a gun is beyond me. I take it that unless the petitioner specifically requests firearms to be surrendered, they aren't. From the news reports, I guess he didn't threaten her with a gun, or threaten her life. He had hit her, and was apparently being stalkerish, but it doesn't appear she actually feared for her life. I don't guess anyone could have predicted this turn of events. It's sad. We're the same age, graduated high school the same year. I didn't know her, but it's a small city, we had mutual friends. Sucks.

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Cee said...

I still never get how someone who seems so normal and part of society can resort to ending another person's life- especially someone they are close to or married to! It always shocks me. Scary how people can just snap!