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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Toddler Overload

My child is turning into a bigger handful by the day. Cora actually lied to me today. She just would not take a nap. And of course, since she never shuts up, she isn't quite the stealthy ninja about it that she thinks she is. I could hear her in there, chattering to her stuffed animals. I went in several times to tell her to lay back down and stop talking. Finally, I just laid down myself and tried taking a nap. Then the dog woke me up 20 minutes later because it was storming and she's a chicken shit. When I got up to let her into the bedroom, I could still hear Cora talking. I fell asleep and 30 minutes later I heard Cora trying to turn the doorknob and leave her room. I opened the door and told her she's supposed to be taking a nap. Then I asked her, "Did you take your nap?" Expecting her usual answer to everything which is "NO." Instead, she looked at me very sincerely, nodded and answered "Yes." She never, ever says "yes." I gave up and turned her loose until it was time to make the trip back to Small Town. She fell asleep in the car after 20 minutes, confirming there was no nap. Do toddlers actually have the capacity for deceit? Apparently mine does. I know she understood the question, but I wonder if she understood her answer.

Once we got to town, we got some dinner, then went for a stroll through the park and to the playground. We came back to the house, and played with her bouncy balls until it was bedtime. She was in an unusually giggly mood. She was doing her Cookie Monster impression, cracking herself up, "COOK-EEEE om nom nom nom nom!" Which is actually pretty damn funny.

Other stuff we did this weekend... went to dinner Friday night and then fed some duckies at the duck pond. Cora's problem is that she won't just throw the bread, she keeps trying to force-feed the duckies by shoving bread down their throats. I dunno if she's just over-exuberant in her ducky-induced excitement, or if she's trying to make foie gras. Either way, I kept waiting for one of the really big duckies a/k/a "geese" to try to take her hand off. Those things are frightening.

Saturday was the Baby Zoo. A friend had a cook-out and there were six kids there, mostly toddlers. Too many kids, my own personal hell. Screaming, lots of screaming, particularly from my kid. At least she didn't scream when she got body checked into the wall by her best friend J. J wanted Cora to share the toys she was playing with, and of course Cora's response was to push her, and then J shoved her into the wall head first. Baby drama. I just don't know how to get my kid to share and not shove other kids. Or whine so much, she whines a lot. Trouble.

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Dakota said...

Our kids also lied as toddlers...but I think it is less about deceipt and more about wishful thinking. They gave us the answer they knew was the right one....even if not entirely true.

I may also just be naive.

Best of luck on your wait. *sigh*