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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

No! Don't make me go to law school again!

I hope this isn't an indication that I've failed the bar so badly that they want me to go back to 1L and try again.

I just received this email (I hope) erroneously, it made me chuckle:

Dear [Proto Attorney]:

We have received the electronic submission of your application for admission to [A Law School in Chicago] College of Law. We have requested your Law School Credential Assembly Service (LSDAS) report from the Law School Admission Council. Please note that we will not begin to review applications until mid-November. At that time, we will notify you if we have any questions or require any additional information to complete your application. At that time, we also will notify you by email when your application is complete and ready for review by our Admission Committee. Once your application is complete, you can expect to receive a decision from the Admission Committee within 2-3 weeks of the completion date.

Thank you for your application to the College of Law.

I submitted my LSDAS application back in 2004. Probably LSAC fail. I hope. Surely the bar examiners wouldn't make me go back to law school and try again would they? I mean, my diploma is framed. FRAMED! I have proof, see?

Although, honestly, I think I should have gotten the hell out of Mediocre State when I had the chance. Today has been full of Crazy Hillbilly Fail. Some good though, I did manage to resolve a dispute we had been getting nowhere on previously, utilizing my cross-cultural negotiation skills. Diplomacy Win!


The Namby Pamby said...

I love my alma mater. It sends everyone great emails.

five tomatoes said...

I should ask if I can have the same scholarship offer they gave me last time but in unmarked bills.

Rayne of Terror said...

Maybe the second time around you'll like it better.