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Monday, September 28, 2009

Banned Books Week

Time for some First Amendment fun... this is Banned Books Week. So grab a copy of The Catcher in the Rye or Harry Potter and enjoy reading something other people find offensive. If you want to find out what censorship's going down in your area, click here. List of most frequently banned books here.

Also, in honor of banning books and the librarians that take the heat to keep 'em on the shelves, check out this response by a public librarian to a patron "concerned" that the library had made available this book about a little girl whose uncle is marrying another man. It's a respectful, well-crafted response. Not to mention, I now have a new book to buy for Cora, even though her gay uncle will never get married, or probably even be in a serious relationship, but that's an entirely different book altogether. That book would be called "Uncle Bobby's Commitment Issues and Inability to Recognize That He's Supposed to Be a Grown-Up." But I digress.


Cee said...

Some of my favorite books are on the banned book list and I had no idea! I love Huck Finn and To Kill A Mockingbird!

Dakota said...

The simple mention of banning books makes me absolutely crazy!!

LL said...

That was an amazing blog post about the children's book - I sent it to several people, thanks for sharing. I'm with Dakota, I find the mere concept to be absolutely infuriating. I don't understand a conservative, small-government Republican being for the banning of books- that goes against everything they (and the rest of America) are supposed to stand for!! Argh, I can't even be coherent. Yay for the library for being coherent and persuasive enough for the both of us.