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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Bad-Ass Lady Lawyers

I just posted over at Ms. JD about the lady lawyer in my (former) legal community who took down the three lawyers who ripped off their clients in the Fen-Phen scandal. Ethics anyone? A friend of ours many years ago worked for one of those guys right out of law school (the dude with the chick's name). He soon quit his job; he was so disgusted that he even quit practicing law after that (although he still maintains his license). Says a lot, I think. I've worked for some unethical slugs, but it was never so bad that it broke my will to practice law. Although, I do dream that the unethical slugs I've worked for in the past would get caught with their unethical pants down and get similar treatment. (I'm a hateful bitch like that.)

Anyway, the fen-phen scandal was all we heard about 1L, when the scandal had just broke and criminal charges were being pursued, as a warning to us to not steal from our clients. (The other lesson was don't murder your clients -- a former student of our Professional Responsibility professor apparently missed that day in class). But the stories told didn't usually include the Lady Lawyer who took those smug assholes down. So, I'm glad that this story was written to showcase her role in it. Most awesome.

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