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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Suckedy Day

I'm in a bit of a funk today. I spent all day researching this horrible mess of a case, trying to do research for a reply to an appellant's brief that is so bad that it doesn't cite any legal authority, or even the record of the case itself. After spending hours trying to figure out how on earth I should even begin to respond to that, I talked it out with Boss Dude, and he gave me some specific areas to research and address. Which ridiculously took me all day, it was awful. I feel stupid and incompetent today, and like my work product is incredibly shoddy. I doubt my memo was really useful at all for him to piece together a final draft, and now he realizes I'm a completely useless person incapable of complex legal analysis...

And Husband and Cora just left for home, so that is likely a contributing factor as well.

Cora is having difficulty adjusting to the new daycare. She is always so happy to go to her regular daycare, that she walks in the door, waves and says "HI!" to everyone she sees, and marches right to the toddler room where she gives her teachers a big hug, and I'm lucky if I even get a "BYE, MOMMY!" out of her and a goodbye hug. Some parents might be hurt by that, but I take it as a sign that she's just happy to be there and take comfort that I'm making good choices for my kid. So I guess maybe I've just been spoiled by never having that experience where the kid has an epic meltdown because she doesn't want to leave me, and is grabbing onto my shirt and hysterically screaming "MAAAAAAMMMEEEEE!" Yeah... that's been the past two days. It was so bad yesterday, that even I started crying. Husband went with me this morning, which didn't make it any better. She starts chanting "No no no no no!" as soon as we pull the stroller up to the building. She did stop screaming today right after we left (we can see her through the window), so that was good. And she was in a good mood both days when I picked her up. So, I don't think they're torturing her or anything, I think it's just a lot of change for a little kid to handle. When we dropped her off this morning, another Mom dropping her kid off (a nurse, I assume, from her purple scrubs) said it took her daughter two months of morning tantrums until she finally is happy to be going there. And of course, since Cora's only going there two days a week, it might be longer.

Anyway, so that sucked, and made me feel like shit. All kinds of fun thoughts, like, what am I doing to my child, she's going to be scarred for life, I'm a horrible parent. All the things that I know are completely irrational, but I can't help but feel guilty anyway. Even the dog is having trouble adjusting. She's such a skittish, high-strung dog. She refuses to go potty in the back lot here, I guess because other dogs go there, and she's afraid. So, we have to take her in the front yard. She just spends her time here pacing back and forth. I think it's because of the upstairs neighbor's labrador. And the local park doesn't allow dogs, even on leashes, which sucks. We can only walk her around the perimeter of the park.

As far as good things go, I got complimented on my handling of last week's crazies. I was told I wouldn't get a lot of those, so I should frame that memo! Ah well. I don't need compliments, they just rather embarrass me. I just like to have feedback that I'm doing my job right and I'm not an epic screw-up. Which after today, I could definitely use. On the other hand, some crazy client started screaming at Boss Dude today, so I guess I'm not the only one having a bad day.

Even though Cora was in a good mood today when I picked her up from daycare, she was later in a bad mood. She managed to face-plant into the couch with a mouth full of banana, which made a huge mess, and she was incredibly unhappy after that. We opted for getting fast food instead of going to the nice restaurant we'd planned on, since she was pretty much screaming at us. So, we had a stressful quick meal, then got them on their way back home. Now, I'm sitting here, wondering what to do with myself for the rest of the evening. I suppose I could go back to the office and do some more work. Watch Dexter on DVD that I borrowed from a friend this past week. Go for a run through the park, like I saw this really fat guy doing yesterday, and I was very impressed and proud of the guy for bettering himself. Because I sure haven't been. I dunno, I should do something other than sit here feeling bad about myself. Hopefully tomorrow will be much better.

UPDATE: Oh, and just when I think this day couldn't get any more suckedy, I just got an email from a friend of mine saying she's getting divorced and needs a lawyer. They've been together forever, I even gave her the "something borrowed" for her wedding day. Sucks. This day needs a mulligan. Going to drink beer now.

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Butterflyfish said...

indeed a suckedy day :-(