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Monday, August 31, 2009

Solo parenting

This has been my first solo week in Small Town with Cora and without Husband. He's got class in the morning, and he worked last night, so he wasn't able to make it out this week. This morning, Cora was in a pretty good mood... until we got to daycare, of course. Then she screamed as she was ripped from my arms by the daycare worker. Ugh. We didn't walk this morning, because I had errands to run during lunch. So when it was time to pick her up, I left my car parked at the office, and walked across the street to the daycare. Cora apparently saw me through the window, and then saw me disappear (as I was walking into the building), which caused epic meltdown. Then she kept asking for Daddy, and cried all the way to dinner. She continued to be in a bad mood throughout dinner. We went to Chick-Fil-A, and she scarfed down like 6 chicken nuggets, several waffle fries and chugged her chocolate milk (also spilling some on herself from insisting on drinking from the cup without my help). Since I don't get any sort of report from the daycare, I wonder if they actually feed her during the day. Blah. Anyway, after eating a ton, and then grossly enough, picking up a fry she'd dropped on the floor and shoving that into her mouth too, we went to play in the kiddie area. She actually perked up then, and was very happy once she had the whole place to herself. She worked up enough courage to climb the stairs, go through the tunnel and go down the slide, so she wore herself out doing that.

We later went for a stroll around the park, and then came back to the apartment for some relaxing before bed time. I finally got around to hooking up my electronic piano last week, and Cora absolutely loves it. I keep trying to explain that she should use one finger to hit a key, and not her entire hand, but she wants none of that. So, she plays several notes at once, that don't belong to the same chord, and sings along, just as off-key. Tonight, she actually sat on my lap, and watched and listened as I played the alphabet song (a/k/a Twinkle), and then she wanted to do it. She sang the alphabet song while playing wrong notes for a good 30 minutes. I think she'll definitely be a good candidate for piano lessons. She was also completely enthralled by my violin, which she's never seen before. (I don't play much anymore, and also, back at the house, all the instruments were downstairs, where Cora never goes.) It was too close to bedtime, however, to pursue that, and it just caused a meltdown, because she wanted to play with it. So, we'll try it again when she's in a better mood and will take direction.

Now I'm ready to get some more work done and get to bed early. I'm exhausted!

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