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Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Yesterday we moved my furniture into the new apartment. Fortunately, the torrential rain stopped long enough for us to get the furniture into the apartment without getting wet. We were already a bit wet from moving the furniture from the house into the truck, but it wasn't too bad. I didn't bring much furniture anyway, so it was a quick move. All the rest will be moved gradually as I commute, and I'll need to head in to town earlier on Sunday to get some groceries and whatnot. Suckily, the gas won't be turned on until the day I start work, so I won't have hot water until then. I guess I'll just have to suffer through a cold shower on the first day.

We had pizza for lunch at this great place in New Town. It's pretty well-known in the area. It was very good pizza. The best part... they have gelato. For some reason, we can't keep a gelateria open in our city, so I was very excited about the gelato. It was really good too. The tubs were almost empty, and the gelato was pretty fresh, so it must be popular. Each time I visit New Town, the more I like it. I like the small town charm, it's a pretty town too. My hometown is a little run-down and parts of it are pretty trashy, so I'm glad there is some polish to this place. The new apartment is really nice, and I'm excited to start work. (Although I admit there is a part of me that dreads having to be at work every weekday morning for the next 40 years. I need to shoot for partial-retirement by age 35!)

We came back home, then went to the luau last night, which was kinda lame and really crowded. At least it was free food and alcohol, so we can't complain too much. And a friend was there we hadn't seen for a really long time, because she lives in another state now. So that was fun. And we made a couple new friends, so that was fun too. (I'm a people-person, I always like making new friends.)

We then came home to deal with more of my mother's employment issues, which is seriously stressing me out. She'd worked briefly as a live-in nanny for this crazy family back in March. Things just progressively got worse (stuff like they wouldn't let her leave the house, and made her work 7 days a week), until she finally quit. Then she interviewed with another lady who was pregnant with twins, she accepted the job, and she's scheduled to start in October. So, in the meantime, she's been back drawing unemployment, which will run out the end of September. She stopped looking for jobs, because she got the job offer the end of April, and even turned down a couple other offers that came later. Well, suddenly the husband, who never bothered to meet with my mom back in April because he trusted his wife's judgment, never bothered to call her on the phone or check references or anything, is suddenly wanting to get involved since the twins were born a couple weeks ago. He's like oh, well, I need to interview you before we make a decision (dude, a decision was already made, your wife hired her), and then after that he's like, oh, we need to run a background check (and didn't even know how to go about doing that... I printed off the damn form for him), and now it's, oh, we need to talk to that last family you worked for (which is definitely not going to give her a good recommendation because they're psycho). Which is all fine and good, and anyone looking for a nanny should certainly be thoroughly researching their prospective caregivers, but he needed to do all this back in April before his wife offered my mom a job and she relied on that offer of employment to her detriment. He can check references all he wants to, but at this point, if they decide not to hire her, they're getting a demand letter seeking damages for breach of contract.

The problem is that in the meantime, my mother's unemployment runs out in September, we're in a huge recession with no chance of her finding another job anytime soon, and I'm going to end up having to pay her bills instead of paying off my huge credit card balance (which I need to have paid off before I start paying on my huge student loan balance). Husband's idea was for us to take Cora out of daycare and have my mom watch her and pay her instead, and then we'd only need to make up for a couple hundred dollars more that she'd need to pay her bills. I hate the idea. Cora does so well in daycare, and my mom doesn't care for Cora the same way she does other kids, with rules and structure. She just wants to spoil her and baby her, which makes her bratty. The other option is to send Mom back up north to stay with her aunt and be her caregiver, because Mom's cousin would like to move out but someone needs to be there to take care of her. But we'll just have to see. Regardless, it all gives me an ulcer.

Today, since we haven't gotten to spend much time together as a family, we kept Cora home from daycare. We tried to take her to the local Children's Museum, but failed. They're apparently closed this week for renovations. So, we walked around downtown instead, where Cora had a great time pointing out all the letters and numbers she saw. We walked by this funeral home, which starts with an M. They have these four square flower planters on the sidewalk, that have an M on each side. We spent about 15 minutes standing on the sidewalk while she walked around each one and pointed out each "EHHHHHMMMMM!" Then we walked around the parking lot while she went around to all the cars and pointed out the numbers and letters on the license plates. Funny kid. Yesterday she was playing with her bath letters, and she brought the "P" over to me, and very seriously, with her brow furrowed, shoved the letter in my face, and exclaimed "PEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" She repeated it a few times, as though I didn't believe her. She's a funny kid.

After Cora wakes up from her nap, we're taking a trip out to the pet store so the dog can get her "hair did" and hopefully smell slightly less disgusting, and Cora can see some critters. Then we're going to the book store, and to dinner with friends.

Anyway, here are a few pictures of cute to go with this rambling blog entry.

It was empty, I swear.

Holding Elmo, watching Elmo. Worship the Red Master...


Cora and her second cousin. The kid is almost Sumo-sized. Except he's short for his age.



paragon2pieces said...

Very cute, love the picture with the M :)

Andrea said...

How old is Cora now? She's such a brainiac!