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Monday, August 10, 2009

Last Week of Unemployment

I'm planning to enjoy my final week of unemployment. It's going to be quite the adjustment, not only to working in a new city, but just working in general. I haven't worked full time since the summer after 2L. And more importantly, I'm totally not a morning person, not at all. When I worked retail, my favorite shift was always 10 to 7. Early enough there's still time to do stuff in the evenings, late enough that I got to sleep in a little. But, I have to be at work at 8:30, and on the days I have Cora, I'll also need time to drop her off at the daycare first. Plus, I can't just roll in with wet hair and no make-up, like I've been used to doing. Since I worked at firms where we never saw clients, I've always taken the attitude that I ain't gettin' paid to look pretty (except back when I worked in corporate sales at a now-defunct computer retail store, because the hotter I looked the better my sales would be). But now I work in a plaintiff's firm, and clients will probably be coming around and stuff, so I need to look professional and all that. I guess my hair will need to be dry and brushed, and I should probably wear some make-up like a grown-up. That will require waking up more than 30 minutes before I have to be at work. Sucks.

I will have to work really hard to be on time. I run on a 15 minute delay. I consistently pissed off my professors this last semester, because I was incapable of making it to class on time. Sorry, but I might have been frightened into being on time my first two years, but my "give-a-shit" meter was set to "zero" by the end of 3L. However, Boss Dude is a stickler for punctuality, according to the paralegal. I'll have to learn how to do that. Boo. We Americans are way too monochronic, if you ask me. Time is eternal, after all.

Besides that, I need to keep up with my dry-cleaning, since I'll need to wear suits to work every day. Either my feet will have to get used to wearing ridiculous shoes every day, or I will need to get a few pairs of "sensible" shoes. Boo. I just bought the most adorable pair of black stilettos in Niagara Falls at the Guess store. Super hot.

Anyway, my plan for this week is to spend lots of time with Husband and Cora. On Wednesday, Husband's going to Indy to get his geek-on at Gen-Con. Super lame, I know. He'll be back on Friday, in time for our last full weekend together for awhile. Then I start work on Monday. Crazy. I can't believe I'm employed. As a lawyer (or at least I will hopefully be in October).

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Rayne of Terror said...

I buy almost exclusively Dansko brand shoes for work. They are expensive yes, but they are orthopedic and cute and I can stand to wear them on day long court calls and always get complements from the clerk's office.