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Monday, August 3, 2009

Home, Sweet Home

Or, I guess, part-time home. Tomorrow I'm moving my furniture to the new apartment.

Very busy day tomorrow. After Cora goes to daycare, Husband and I are having breakfast with a friend from law school/grad school. Then we're picking up the moving truck and loading up the furniture. Cora's godfather is coming over to help load the truck (he's in town, currently surfing someone else's couch, since I've been gone). Then we're grabbing lunch and heading to the apartment to unload. When we get back, we're attending a luau at the British pub. (Figure that one out. I can't.)

Somewhere in the middle of all that, I have a thousand phone calls to make and at least a hundred people to yell at, most of whom work at Crappy University. First, after I mailed a timely payment to them for my final payment for the hospital bills, Crappy University's knee-cap breakers medical billing department calls me five days before the effin' bar exam to ask where my payment is. Even still, I politely told them I had already mailed it. Then I get the mail today, and Crappy University's douchebag billing people medical billing department sent the account to a collection agency. Furious, I called the collections agency and told them my account is paid in full, and I would be cutting the faces of billing people contacting Crappy University's billing department to express my discontent with their service. I checked my credit card statement on-line, and the payment was posted, so they don't even have the excuse that it was lost in the mail. I hate them. I hope they sustain painful paper cuts that get infected and require extensive medical treatment that results in extensive medical bills. The second hit is from Crappy University itself that's holding my diploma hostage because of something involving student billing. Considering that they pay themselves from my loan disbursements, before issuing my residual checks, if I owe anything to them, it's from their own incompetence, and that's going to seriously piss me off. I could understand if it was some sort of unpaid parking ticket, or overdue library fees, but seriously. They just suck. I can't believe how much money they've gotten from me, they aren't getting any more.

Anyway, the rest of the vacation was pretty good. I did some shopping and spent way too much money. There's this new outlet mall in Niagara that has a Saks and a Guess store, which is really really bad for my credit card balance. I got this adorable dress for the wedding this weekend (which can also be worn to work with a suit jacket), and a pair of totally hot shoes from Guess. Then I hit up the Duty Free store on my way to Toronto, and bought Husband two very nice bottles of Scotch (our liquor taxes here are crazy high, so going Duty Free meant I saved about $100 in taxes). I had lunch with my friend in Toronto, which was awesome. We had Dim Sum, and then walked around in Chinatown. Then it took me 3 1/2 hours to get back to New York, because apparently today is a Canadian holiday, which means that every single Canadian decided to go to the US in a sudden mass-migration. (They probably wanted to go to the Guess store and buy hot shoes.) So, that part sucked but it was still a fun trip and I didn't get strip searched by border control, so that's a win.

But it was nice to get away from all the family (particularly, my mother) for the afternoon. After the 9 1/2 hour trip back home today, I don't think I can see her for awhile. She makes everything so much more difficult than it has to be, and just all around drives me insane. Cora's behavior is much worse when she's around too, because she babies her and spoils her, and then she doesn't listen to me at all.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to some relaxing with Husband and Cora, before starting the new job. A well-earned break!

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Laurie said...

I am SO bummed that I am going to be out of town for the Luau :(
Have fun!