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Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I have a job. It is awesome.

I arrived Sunday evening with the whole family in tow. We got everything unpacked and enjoyed some family time/exploration. The apartment is across the street from the park, so we've gotten to take lots of walks through it. We found a few fabulous restaurants that we've tried the past few days, although apparently people don't eat out as much here as they do back home. But more on that later.

Monday was my first day at work. I had been awake since 6am, when the Cora alarm clock went off, then took a cold shower since the gas wouldn't be on until later in the day. I was on time to work after dropping Cora at daycare. (Which didn't go so well... more on that later too). I walked in to discover... no one expected me to be there. They thought I was starting in September! I offered to go home and take another two weeks vacation, but they made me stick around anyway. Oh well, can't blame a girl for trying! Boss Dude was out of state at a deposition, so me, the paralegal and Mrs. Boss Dude cleaned out my office (particularly my desk drawers), and then I entertained myself the remainder of the day filling out some paper work, choosing my laptop, some office furniture and office supplies, and finally, by reading through some of our family law cases. Paralegal gave me the rundown of the filing system, and I was shocked to discover how many clients we have. But hey, I much prefer busy to sitting around with nothing to do and being bored. I think it'll be good to be home by myself on Wednesdays and Thursdays, because I will probably be burning some midnight oil.

Today, after apologizing profusely for forgetting about me, Boss Dude took me on a grand tour of the courthouse. I got to meet the judges, and a few colleagues. I got to see the clusterf%ck of juvenile delinquents pouring out into the hallways from the courtrooms (apparently there are a lot of delinquents) and happy I won't be handling any of their cases. I got to meet with a few of our clients today, all family law. It was a variety, from the very uneducated, unsophisticated clients, to the cooperative clients, to the sophisticated clients. It was a really good experience in seeing how Boss Dude handles them, and where my knowledge gap is. He wants me to continue to shadow him (I assume until I'm licensed and useful), so I get lots of field trips. Except he's going to a depo on the coast on Thursday, I don't get to go there. Oh well. Someday!

I'm really impressed by the variety of cases, and the variety of the sophistication. I'm going to learn so much by working there, I'm really excited. It's a practice where I could spend my entire career and still be constantly learning. I just think what it would be like to be stuck back at the old firm, doing whiplash law. Here, go take a deposition in boofoo, here, go to motion hour in boofoo. Nothing new, nothing fun, nothing even remotely interesting. But already, I have assignments that are wild and exciting. I have a brief to write, I have clients to meet with, I have sophisticated evidentiary issues to research that will key in to the strategy of our case in strengthening its settlement value. I feel important, and yet I'm really just some doofus with an unframed JD and a questionably pending law license. But now people will count on me for advice and guidance. Scary, but really cool. All of my legal training, my years working in the legal profession, my graduate work in negotiation and dispute resolution... it all comes together now.

I like the new town more and more. There is no real "rush hour." I mean, it's a small town, it's not like there are a ton of cars on the road. We drove to get coffee 3 miles away at a Tim Horton's this morning, and it was raining, and there was no traffic. Back home, such a trip would have been 30 minutes at least. Here it was 10 minutes. The park is lovely, and there are some fantastic restaurants here. The only thing is, there aren't a lot of restaurants downtown open for lunch. I guess because people can just drive home if they want, they don't go out to eat as much. Working downtown back home, there was no way you could go home for lunch unless you lived downtown. So, I'll probably just go back to my apartment, or just bring a lunch and then take a little walk. Husband thinks I'm going to gain 400 pounds living here, but it'll likely be the opposite effect. When I was single, I ate a lot less. I would eat a bowl of cereal for dinner if I didn't cook an actual meal, and I went to the gym quite often. I think the only times I'll be eating out will be when Husband is here.

The daycare, however, I don't like. I think we are hugely spoiled by Cora's daycare in The City. They keep progress reports, they have a set curriculum, the kids are divided into different rooms based on age, they do lots of arts and crafts, and they don't have any televisions. Cora is 20 months and she knows all of her letters and numbers 0-20. She has a huge vocabulary, and she often speaks in actual sentences. I have no doubt this is because of the daycare. They do letters and numbers, they do flashcards to teach them things. They really are fantastic. Small Town daycare, that is supposedly a great daycare... yeah, not so impressed. There's no curriculum, she's in there with a variety of ages, there are no progress reports, and when we drop her off, she starts watching Barney. When we pick her back up, she's still watching Barney. Now, I know they play with toys, and they go outside and play when the weather's nice. But I suspect the rest of the day, she's probably watching TV. I mean, they seem nice and she's well-cared for. But I have a feeling the standard for a "great" daycare here is more of the "doesn't beat your kid" and "doesn't let your toddler wander out into traffic." We're going to give it some time, and if we're still not impressed, I'm going to look into hiring a part-time nanny and make my own rules about daily activity. I mean, she can sit at home and watch TV all day with Husband for free. We have her in daycare because we expect it's a lot more stimulating than that.

Anyway, I met my upstairs neighbor tonight. She's a nurse at the local hospital [we sue], she works nights, and she apparently gets the hell out of here and heads for civilization when she's not working. So, neither of us is here on the weekends, pretty much. She said the apartment is perfectly safe to leave though, because the old crone next door is incredibly nosy and watches the place like she's hired security. Old Crone and her kin folk accosted us last night to chat as we were coming home from dinner. She asked to hold Cora. I was like, uh, if she'll let you (knowing full well that wasn't going to happen... Cora looked at Old Crone like she had two heads, both ready to eat her). We quickly made our escape into the house. Hopefully I'll get a chance to chat with neighbor soon. She also has a chocolate lab, although my chocolate lab is super annoying to other dogs, so it's unlikely they'll be friends.

So, that's that. This evening, I'm going to relax, maybe put up a few photos, watch some Netflix shows and go to bed early. I have found it's much easier to get up in the morning to go to work when I actually want to be there. When that alarm goes off at 6:30 in the morning and your first thought is "Shit! I have to go to that hell hole again?" it is super hard to get out of bed. However, this morning, I groggily hit the off button on the alarm, didn't even hit snooze, and took my shower while thinking about what pretty suit and which pretty shoes I'd wear today. It was a nice change of pace.


Laurie said...

Glad to hear things are going well :)

Cee said...

Darn! Too bad you couldn't get those two extra weeks of vacation but I'm proud of you for trying :) It is such a great feeling to love your job and have exciting cases!