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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Another Week, Another Weekend

There's never a weekend where there's just nothing going on. That's not a bad thing, I love being busy and having stuff to do. But I know it's only a matter of time before I need a weekend of hibernation. I'm an incredibly lazy person by nature (most humans evolved from apes... I evolved from the sloth), and the past couple of weekends have been action-packed.

Last weekend I had a full day of baby-sitting. My friend the [now formerly] preggo, had an ER trip/hospital admission to make, and so I watched her munchkin on Saturday. Her munchkin and my munchkin are exactly the same age, and are in daycare together. They spend so much time together, that they're like siblings... by that, I mean they fight constantly. But it's pretty hilarious, because they do stuff that purposely pisses off the other one. Who knew the calculated mind games started so young? Cora doesn't like her personal space being invaded, so (we'll call her J) purposely invades it to irritate her. They'll be sitting on the couch together, and J will inch her foot closer and closer to Cora, until Cora starts whining and pushing her away. Cora is territorial and pushes J out of her chair when she sits in it, and if J's playing with any of her toys that she hasn't even touched in months, Cora gets all bent out of shape and tries to take it away from her. (My kid is destined to get "Does not play well with others" written on her report cards. Sigh.) But... a funny little story I forgot to tell last week amongst all my personal angst... I took the girls to the playground at the neighborhood elementary school. There was a little boy there, just a little bit older than them. They were playing well together, taking turns on the slide, but then he wanted to get past J to climb further up on the equipment, so he put his hand on her to nudge her out of the way. Cora immediately gets up in this little boy's face, shoving her finger in his face, and shouts "NO!" and mumbles what I only assume are toddler profanities, and follows it up with another stern "NO!" Again, just like siblings: You can continuously beat the crap out of your sister, but if someone else puts a hand on her, you'll kick their ass.

So this weekend was action-packed too. I actually went back to The City on Thursday, because we had a doctor's depo there Friday morning. Since it's a 2 hour drive, I just went home Thursday, spent some time with an incredibly cranky Cora (she's been having a rough time at her regular daycare too, and didn't take a nap that day), and then had a very late dinner and drinks with girlfriends. It was nice only being away from the family for one day, even if neither of them were all that interested in spending time with me, bah. Anyway, Friday I got up and started working even before normal office hours, even though the depo wasn't until 11:30 (because I wanted to prove my ability to not be in the office and still do work), prepped some notes for Boss Dude for the depo, arrived at the doctor's office, where we had a really long wait until the doc saw the rest of her patients, which was fortunate, because I was the only one who noticed that there was no court reporter, and finally made mention of it when it was almost noon and there was no court reporter. (I suspect that the other attorney thought that I was the court reporter, which is generally the presumption geezer lawyers make when a young woman in a suit shows up to the deposition.) Turns out his office didn't notice the court reporting firm, and the court reporting firm had no knowledge of the depo, so they had to put out a call to another firm to get a court reporter. One showed up about 10 minutes before the doc was ready for us. As an aside, I've never seen a court reporter take down a deposition in shorthand before instead of using the machine. I don't think I've ever seen anyone actually write in shorthand at all (unless you count a scene in the third series of Torchwood). I was oddly fascinated, it was like watching someone write hieroglyphs.

Anyway, the depo was a good experience. I've never been to a doctor's depo before, only depositions of regular ol' witnesses. I've read plenty of transcripts, but it's different actually being there, and if it isn't a video depo, you don't get the nuances of hidden meaning behind the words. You don't necessarily get that the doctor is trying to say something, without having to say something, if that makes sense. And I am getting more of a sense of what Boss Dude is looking for, and what his style is. Not that I don't have my own style, which is okay too, but I need to cater it to what he's looking to get out of the deposition. I was very familiar with the defense attorney's style, and I would have known exactly how to run that depo from a defense perspective. But being on the other side means a new perspective, and that's going to take some time to refine. Fun stuff.

We finally got out of there about 2, and I was able to get some lunch at my favorite Mediterranean restaurant. Then I went home to do a little bit more work before calling it a day, picking up my munchkin from daycare and enjoying a nice evening. I made it out to visit my friend in the hospital and meet J's new little sister. I do love a snuggly little baby, but whew, I'm not sure I'm ready for all that again. That pretty baby is big and hungry, and I really like my sleep. So, it's a good thing we're waiting quite a while before attempting a Round Two!

On Saturday, Cora, my mom and I attended the wedding of a childhood friend of mine. Cora did really well... up until the ceremony started. In her defense, she had been sitting there for a really long time, because the wedding started almost 45 minutes late. So by that time, she had ants in her pants. But it all worked out, and Cora had a great time after the ceremony running around the big open lot. It was a perfect day for the wedding, it couldn't have been any better weather. It was 70 degrees, not humid at all, and a clear blue sky. And Cora got to wear the adorable new dress I bought her at this uppity children's clothing store here in Small Town. I refuse to spend that much money on kiddie clothes, but it was super on-sale, and super-cute.

Little Lady

Today, however, was full of fail. I woke up this morning to discover that Cora has learned to take off her pants and her diaper, and I'll leave it to the imagination of my readers to figure out what that involved. Husband fortunately came home from work in time to help finish scrubbing off the kid, while I went and stripped everything from her bed and washed it and deodorized her bedroom. I think the solution is going to be duct taping her pants to her butt at night.

Husband had been at work late at a meeting that I can only describe as employment fuckery. Husband works a weekend position at the hospital, meaning he has to work two days out of every weekend, he gets no sick time, and he gets very limited vacation time. In return for that suckdom, he only works two shifts, but gets paid for three. It's a trade-off for having to work every weekend, because otherwise, it's tough to find enough people willing to work weekends. However, the hospital decided that they're cutting the weekend people's pay and vacation time. And when the nurses asked if this would be the only cut, or if they should be expecting further cuts, the HR lady couldn't even muster up a lie. Ugh. So, either he'll need to pick up extra shifts, or we'll have to seriously re-evaluate our budget. He doesn't want to find a new job since he's graduating in May and will hopefully be getting a new job as a nurse practitioner by then. This on top of my mother's ongoing unemployment, and my anxiety about having failed the bar in an epic way and losing my job, is going to give me an ulcer. I'm trying to work as much as I can, so that I might be able to justify my continued employment when I find out I only answered 3 questions correctly on the MBE and don't get to be a lawyer in October. It all makes me want to throw up.

Anyway, Cora and I are back in Small Town. I was guilt-ridden from her asking for Daddy, and so distracted her by letting her watch "Abby" in bed until she got tired and fell asleep. Now there's a bad precedent to establish. Just trying not to scar the kid too much, while I muddle through motherhood and pseudo-legal-practice in a town two hours from home.


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Dakota said...

I am currently visualizing the scene of the diaper-removal incident and shaking my head. I have no idea how we managed to NOT have that happen. You sure know you are a parent at that point when you are stripping beds and wiping bodily fluids (solids!) from EVERYWHERE including yourself. UGH. You have my sympathy!