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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Adventures in Domesticity

I decided to try something today that I don't do very often -- cook. We made plans to take dinner over to our friends' house, and I decided to make lasagna, which I definitely don't do very often. I wanted to try one of Giada's recipes, and I've never been disappointed with one... until now. I was quite underwhelmed. It was just very bland. It wasn't bad, but definitely could have used some serious seasoning. I suppose if I cooked more, it would have been a red flag that the recipe didn't call for onions or garlic, or really any other spices besides salt and pepper. It was quick and easy to make, though, so I think I'll use the recipe again (although altering the bechamel sauce with more tomato), and spice it up with lots of garlic. It was also a bit too watery. I squeezed out the spinach pretty good, but maybe it just wasn't enough. Anyway, it's part of my effort to try new things. Like cooking. Which I hate.

Other household things I hate: laundry. I did lots of that this week while Husband was geeking it up at Gen Con (yes, Gen Con). He and his boyfriends go every year. He only went for three days though, Wednesday through Friday. His boyfriends will be there until Sunday. The geekery is incredible. And Husband tells me I'm a geek? Uh, I didn't wet my panties over signing up for some Mage game at Gen Con. It's out of this world geekery. So, I spent three days getting caught up on laundry. I did all the laundry. The only dirty laundry in the house are the clothes I'm currently wearing. The kitchen is clean, the laundry is done, the bills are paid, and everything is in order. All set for leaving for the New Town tomorrow.

Husband, Cora and the Labrador are coming with me and staying until Tuesday. Husband's going to get Cora settled into the new daycare on Monday, and then wait around for the cable and gas guy. Yeah, there won't be hot water on my first morning before work. I guess a cold shower will wake me up! Husband's already complaining about a lack of things to do while he's there. Seriously, once the cable's hooked up he can do what he always does, which is sit around on the couch with his laptop. But he's upset because I didn't want to bring the TV. I'm not getting cable service, just internet, so why bother? I can watch TV shows on my laptop, and most of what I watch is just my soap and stuff streamed from Netflix anyway. Oh well. He'll survive.

So, cooking, laundry, packing. Oh, and hanging out with my pissy, whiny ass kid. She really thinks she's two. Last night, she got mad at me for something, screamed something incoherent at me (I think it was toddler for "I hate you, you ruined my life!"), stomped her feet in a little tantrum, stormed into her bedroom and slammed the door in my face. Yeah... great. The best one was the tantrum she had at the pool the other day. We were at the Y, and they have this outdoor pool that has a slope where you just walk into it (good for little kids). She was about knee-deep in water when she started melting down. When she has a tantrum, she generally goes into Child's Pose (guess that's why they named it that... for screaming toddlers). When she had her pool tantrum, she therefore got a face full of water. She was pretty shocked by that one. I was quite amused though. Oh well, it's been a rough week. She's been sick, teething, and continues to have difficulties with her little friends in sharing. Then she got her little friend sick.. I guess she shares, after all.

Oodles of fun.

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