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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Tired, cranky

It's been a long weekend. And not all good.

I've been knocking out the rest of the Bar/Bri lectures early so I can concentrate on practice exams for the next three weeks. Corporations guy was really good, even though he was SUPER obnoxious. I wish every lecturer had been as good as him though. Not only did he give us the black letter law, then hypotheticals to apply it, he didn't just give us a one-sentence answer to the hypothetical. He went through and told us exactly what we needed to say in response to the question in order to get full points on the exam, starting with the rule, the exceptions to the rule, applying the rule to the facts, then the conclusion. It was extremely helpful. Considering my grade in corporations was crappy, I feel really good on that topic now. Bar/Bri should hire that guy to go back through and reorganize all the other outlines and lectures and make them useful, because several of them are decidedly not useful at all. Anyway, I have two lectures left, Tax and Admin, then I'm done.

My friends were nice enough to watch Cora yesterday. They took her to the Fourth of July parade downtown. Unfortunately, they got rained on. I went over to their house for dinner and then some fireworks, along with some other friends. Normally we can see the downtown fireworks from their backyard, but apparently the weather kept the show to a minimum and we didn't see much. They'd gone and bought fireworks in another state (the good stuff is illegal here), so we got had our own show anyway. Cora was decidedly unimpressed by the fireworks, and fell asleep in a friend's arms. It was past her bedtime, and she'd had an early nap that day because of the parade anyway.

I noticed while we were there that her chest congestion was getting worse. One of my friends is a nurse and he listened to her chest with a stethoscope, and it didn't sound really bad. But she woke up about 2 am coughing and wheezing, and I noticed she was running a fever. I gave her some Tylenol and stayed up with her, because the cough sounded really bad and I wanted to make sure the fever went down. She slept on me/on the couch off and on, still waking herself up coughing, until her fever broke and I put her back to bed. That was about 6 am. Husband took her to the twilight clinic when it opened at noon, and they wrote her a prescription for an inhaler because they said it was asthma. Which hasn't made any difference at all in how her breathing sounds, and why would she have a fever if it was asthma? But whatever. And Husband was throwing a tantrum because I didn't take her to the ER in the middle of the night and he had to lose sleep to take her to the doctor (even though I could have taken her this afternoon, but then he wouldn't have had anything to complain about). Let's see, $100 (which I currently don't have) trip to the public hospital's ER on a Saturday that also happens to be July 4th, sitting in the waiting room until next week while every dumbass in town gets their thumbs sewn back on/third degree face burns treated, which is much more urgent than a toddler with a cough and a fever that broke with Tylenol. I had tried calling Husband at work and couldn't get an answer, so I made a judgment call.

Anyway, I finally got her down for a nap and my mom's coming over to watch her the rest of the afternoon so I can study. Doing some practice tests today, and then maybe some Admin tonight. Then I'll have to take Cora to her actual doctor tomorrow and she'll probably have to stay home from daycare. Three weeks til the bar. Fantastic.


CM said...

Bar studying + sick baby. Good luck!

Tax and Admin? What horrible state are you in?

Proto Attorney said...

I know, can you believe that crap? Practically everything is on our bar. There were even rumors they were eliminating tax from the bar, and it unfortunately did not happen.

Paul said...

Just came across your blog as I was trying to avoid studying for the Bar. BarBri lectures are killing me. Good luck with studying, I like the blog, its keeping me entertained way more than the final bar lectures.