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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Taking a Break

Tomorrow evening, I'm going to see Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. I'm so nerdily excited.

I've been watching Goblet of Fire while eating dinner/making more flash cards. It's my favorite of the whole series. It's where the books start getting darker, and more "grown-up." Cedric Diggory's pretty hot, so that's a bonus. But by far the hottest guy in the movie is David Tennant. Such sadness that Barty Crouch, Jr. doesn't stick around longer. Oh well. (And I also hate the Bar Exam for making me miss Comic Con, where David Tennant will be making an appearance. Husband knows I will leave him for David Tennant and has accepted it.)

Anyway, I got together with a couple classmates today and we went through some of the essay questions together. We also did subjects we haven't really studied much for yet (like Secured Transactions for me), so we can practice answering questions when we have no freakin' clue what the substantive law actually is. I'm feeling a lot better about the essays now. I still have plenty of work to do (I mean, I probably should know something, anything, about Secured Transactions before the bar). But, I'm not freaking the hell out. I have a study plan for the next two weeks, and it doesn't involve killing myself, and probably not even curling into a ball, sobbing. (I'm reserving that for after the bar, when I convince myself I failed.)

But tomorrow night, I'm taking an evening off to see Harry Potter. After all, I've done really well by sticking with the Bar/Bri schedule, even getting the lectures done before everyone else. I did all the practice problems when they were assigned, I've been making flash cards. For the people who are, like, just now starting to study, then, yeah, go ahead and freak out and study 16 hours a day. Not me. For once in my life, I actually made a study plan and stuck with it. Now I just get to relax, do some practice problems, study my flash cards, and try not to freak myself out.


LL said...

Hooray for you! That's great- I felt the same way leading up to the Bar. It was still scary and I still had some things I needed to study, but I'd stuck with my plan and there was no need to freak out. Hold on to that thought!

And I'm jealous of your Harry Potter plans. I'm re-reading the the series right now and can't wait to see the new movie!

Cee said...

I'm insane but Secured Transactions is like one of my favorite subjects! Good luck learning it all, it can be super confusing!

I wish I had gotten into Harry Potter but I haven't yet. Maybe I can give it another try. I feel like I'm totally missing out!

legally certifiable said...

Enjoy your HP study break! The last HP book came out like 2 days before I took the bar and it was torture having to wait to read it!

I have to say, your bar exam misery makes me feel a little better about my life. As sucky as it is, at least I'm done with the freakin' bar!

Hang in there, it will be all be over eventually.

Dakota said...

I am also holding on (for dear life) to my study plan and feel moderately good about it. Let me know how HP was. Going to see that is my plan for either the day before the bar - when I just need to chill, or the day after, assuming I am not comatose. Wife won't be around, and would not enjoy the movie, so great time to indulge myself.

Keep up with the plan, and all will be good!