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Thursday, July 9, 2009


One of my jobs in our house is finding stuff. Husband is really good at losing stuff, and so I spend a lot of time tracking things down. His wallet, his phone, his keys, his shoes, you name it, I've looked for it. For instance, last night, Husband was tearing apart the house looking for a book he borrowed from a friend which he'd taken on vacation. I'd asked him if he'd looked in our bedroom (because that's likely where he dumped all the stuff from vacation). He made a big production about how he'd looked everywhere, and it definitely wasn't in there. Uh huh. (I found it. It was in the bedroom.)

However, Cora is much better at hiding things. She's the freakin' Easter Bunny. (Seriously. After Easter, she took to hiding eggs all around our house. I'm still finding plastic eggs.) She took off with my sunglasses last week, and I just found them yesterday (under my bed). The last time I was looking for something she'd hidden, it was one of her shoes. She'd stuffed it in a drawer, the one where I keep her washcloths. I'd looked all over the house and didn't find it for two days until it was time for her bath.

So, I had a good chuckle last night when I was about to load up the dishwasher. I opened the dishwasher door, and this is what I found:

I think she's just trying to screw with me.


legally certifiable said...

LOL! That's classic. My oldest once hid my car keys. I found them days later in a Christmas present bag. I also found all sorts of things shoved in the VCR--thank goodness we had a DVD player by the time the twins came along!

Laurie said...

That's hilarious. How the heck did she get the dishwasher open?
It's the same way around here except Heath never helps me find something that I've lost.

Proto Attorney said...

The dishwasher was probably already open (guess who constantly leaves the dishwasher open?). I do remember going into the kitchen earlier that day and finding Cora closing the dishwasher. I was like, Good job! Way to help out! Little did I know...

Cee said...

that is sooo funny! I love it! I'm the one who loses things in our family and I frequently have a freak out session only to discover my "lost" item in my pocket!