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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Radio Silence

After today, I'm going off the radar for the rest of the week until the bar exam. So, you won't hear all the stories about me curling up into a ball and sobbing hysterically, setting fire to my Bar/Bri books, or running away and joining the circus instead of taking the bar. Just know, I'll probably be doing all of those things.

I took another night off last night. I've been studying too much, and it was doing no good. So Husband and I went on a double date with a classmate and her boyfriend, and we proceeded to drink excessive amounts of wine and went back to my house and continued drinking wine. Needless to say, I slept in pretty late today. But it was definitely worth it. I'm feeling rejuvenated and more relaxed, and even though I still have a little bit of a lingering wine headache, I'm still getting my Property learn-on. It is good.

So, the rest of the week will be spent doing practice exams and reading through flashcards every morning before I start them. I feel really confident on the MBE and if I can just not suck on Property, I will pass. I don't even have to do that well on Property. If I can get half of the questions correct, I'll be golden. But I can't only get 1/3 of them right like I did on the Fake Bar.

Next Monday I'll be putting the materials away and heading to the Other Big City to get settled into my hotel room, and take a sleeping pill at 8pm the night before. I'm sure I'll be having a massive anxiety attack if I don't properly sedate myself.

Good luck to you fellow bar exam takers out there. This is the final challenge and then we get to concentrate on our careers. We survived three painful years of law school, so what's the big deal about one more test?


Butterflyfish said...

Ha -- I'm going the opposite way. See you on the other side

legally certifiable said...

Good luck with the bar!

Michael said...

Best of luck for your bar exams! :-)

five tomatoes said...

Good luck!

Butterflyfish said...

good luck