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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

It's over

Hopefully it stays over. What an awful experience, I want to sleep for a week. Suckily, I'm driving for 10 hours tomorrow, I'll sleep next week. So here's the bar exam recap:

Last week, I continuously freaked the hell out, studying 14 hours a day and doing every possible practice multiple choice problem Bar/Bri provided. Seriously. Then Sunday night, I stopped studying, watched the latest episode of True Blood and tried to relax and chill the hell out.

On Monday, I got up early to spend some time with Cora before taking her to daycare. The past two weeks had been pretty sucky, and I hadn't seen much of her at all. We had breakfast, then I took her to daycare in time for water time. (They have "water days" on Mondays during the summer.) After that, I got a much-needed manicure and pedicure, had lunch with a classmate, then headed out of town and to the hotel.

I did a little bit of studying at the hotel on Monday afternoon, but then went for a nice relaxing swim. I met up with a few friends, and we decided to escape the hotel for dinner and have an adventure. Without a clear idea of where to even go, the four of us hopped in the car and ended up trying to find this Mediterranean restaurant from the GPS. Unfortunately, it didn't exist (at least, we never found it). There was another Mediterranean restaurant that had just opened, however, when the lady had to call the owner to ask how to make a gyro, we decided to go somewhere else. Instead, we wandered into this "winery and bistro" that was absolutely fabulous. I had a half-rack of lamb with mint gnocchi, that was just awesome. I'm definitely going back there sometime. They have a large selection of their own infused vodka that I would have loved to try had that pesky bar exam not been going on the next morning. But it was relaxing and fun and just serendipitous. It was really what I needed the day before.

On Tuesday I was nervous as hell. I took a Nyquil the night before so I would actually sleep, and had room service breakfast delivered so I would actually wake up. I got up early enough to review my notes some and make sure that my brain was working. Registration was a zoo, with all the laptop insanity. First on the agenda was the state-specific essays, written by our state examiners. The topics were fantastic for me, because most were MBE topics, and there was nothing awful from some class I never even took, like Admin or Federal Estate Tax (I still don't know what the hell a QTIP is, other than something you clean ear wax with). Anyway, it was Torts, Evidence, Real Property, Contracts, Family Law and Corporations. I knocked it out of the park. I mean, completely. I made it my bitch.

Then we get stuck in the examination room for Epic Technology Fail. The tech guys were not so on top of it. For example, my table-mate was using a Mac and when she tried saving her exam to the thumb drive, her computer went into meltdown mode. Tech Dude comes over, takes a look at it and goes, "Man, I've never seen a Mac crash that hard before." Ol' Girl turns three shades of green. Yeah, not so great with the customer service. They managed to get her exam onto a thumb drive finally, though. They should hire our school's tech team instead of The Other Schools' tech guys. Funnily, our IT director was hanging around, because his wife (one of my good friends) was also taking the bar and he came along for moral support. But, sadly, he wasn't working the event. The exam ended at noon. We didn't get to leave the room until 12:30, and we had to be back in the room by 1:15. So, we barely had time to get an overpriced sandwich from the hotel concession stand, scarf it down and go back to testing. I had finished pretty early, but opted not to leave because I felt I should go back over my exam responses very carefully and make some additions. We could leave if we finished within 2.5 hours, but couldn't leave during the last half hour. So I made sure to get the hell out of dodge when I could during the afternoon session.

The afternoon session wasn't too bad. I wouldn't say I aced it, but I did respectably considering how many subjects I barely know that were on the exam. We had Trusts, Fed Civ Pro, Crim Procedure, Secured Transactions, Con Law, and Partnerships. I got the Secured question mostly right, I was surprised. I screwed up the Partnerships question a bit, but I did manage to throw in some of our state law that should give me some extra points. Trusts, Crim Pro, Civ Pro and Con Law were all my bitch. I was pleased. I finished in 2 hours, 25 minutes, and got the hell out of there. I went for a swim, and then waited another hour for my friends to get out. Most of them were pretty shell-shocked, but I'm sure they did fine. I mean, it honestly doesn't take much to pass our state's essay portion. Hardly anyone fails it, and it's practically unheard of to fail the essay but having passed the MBE. Of course, there are people who fail. For instance, the two people (not from my school) who were talking about "piercing the corporate veil" on the partnership question. Seriously? Um, yeah, you fail.

We then headed out to dinner to go to a local pub that brews its own beer. Most awesome, I had two beers and a bison burger. It was fab. Then we geeked it out by going to a really great comic book store [where I made myself feel better about missing Comic-Con and declaring my love to David Tennant, because of the stupid bar exam], and buying the latest Doctor Who comics. Went back to the hotel, ran through the Conviser Mini-Review again, and Nyquiled it up for bedtime.

This morning, same routine, with more Mini-Review. Then this morning was most horrific. The morning MBE made me its bitch. When you go through the first six questions and you're like, shit, am I even taking the right exam...? Yeah, you know you're screwed. I was slightly traumatized. But it seemed like everyone else was too. Morning session was effin' hard. I have no clue how I did. I liken it to one of those Bar/Bri sets where the goal is 48%. I might have gotten 48%. Maybe. Then they added insult to injury by keeping us hostage for 25 minutes while they ineptly collected our scantron sheets, test booklets, and pencils, again, eating into our lunch hour. The exam was so hard that, even though my usual time for the 100 questions is 2 hours 15 minutes, I took 30 minutes longer than usual.

The afternoon session was much better. I flew through the questions. The afternoon session got owned. Hopefully it got owned enough to make up for the 98 questions I probably got wrong on the morning session, ugh. But we'll see. No use speculating about it, I'll find out in October (right around my 30th birthday, which will either be epic win or epic fail, depending on those results.) When I have more brain to use, I'll write a blog about my experiences in bar exam prep and advice about what worked for me, and what didn't work, and stuff I should have done sooner. Anyway.

I left the hotel at 4pm, got home about 5pm and was very happy to see Cora and Husband. Cora gave me a quick hug and then immediately went back to watching Elmo, like, yeah, Mom, whatever, you're blocking Elmo. Husband paused it, and she gave us a horrified look and proclaimed, "It stopped!" The kid's language skills are great, her interpersonal skills need some work. Pff.

Anyway, we went to the pub for dinner where Cora chowed down on some pita and goat cheese dip and I drank beer from my big mug, and came home and read some books. (Elmo was in two of them.) Now, I'm just relaxing, and have a long day tomorrow of driving with my mom and a screaming toddler. Oh well. They have beer in Toronto.

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Andrea said...

Great post - very entertaining. Sounds like you did everything you had to. Congrats!