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Sunday, July 26, 2009

The End of the Road

Well, it's here: The end of the road. I've got a little bit more studying to do today, but the bulk of it is done. And whatever happens, happens. I'm not as prepared as I feel I should be, but I have the feeling that no one goes in feeling as prepared as they should be. I did all of the practice questions available, and I just finished taking an exam in which I scored 64%. We need a scaled score of 132 to pass, and that would be it. I remember when I took the LSAT, the very last practice exam I took was the exact same score I got on the LSAT. Let's hope that pattern also applies to the MBE.

I'm still struggling with Real Property (only getting around 40% correct), and my Contracts scores (although immensely good during the first practice MBE) aren't doing much better. I would feel much better if I were scoring higher on Property, but I just don't think that's going to happen. I listened to Joe Tom's lecture again, I worked problems out of the Future Interests Primer (remember that from 1L?), I've done every Property practice problem, including repeating the ones I got wrong, and I only improved by about 10%. That's total crap. I don't know what's wrong with me. But my Torts, Evidence and Crim Law scores are solidly in the 75% range, and Con Law is decent too. So, I'm just hoping for a good day, and an exam filled with the stuff I know, instead of every damn thing I don't know.

Tonight, I'm going to watch the new episode of True Blood with a couple friends, then do a few more practice essay questions. Tomorrow, I'm getting a pedicure, shipping my iPod back to Bar/Bri (with every possible insurance option available so they don't have me arrested and disbarred), and driving to the hotel where I will relax by the pool while flipping through my essay topic flashcards and take a Nyquil to sedate myself (and be able to breathe... stupid allergies) and go to bed before 10pm. Tuesday I will eat a room-service breakfast, take the essay exam, and have dinner with classmates that absolutely will not include talking about the day's exams (absolutely verboten). Then some skimming of the Conviser mini-review and repeat Nyquil dosage. Wednesday, more room-service breakfast, checking out of the hotel, and the MBE. Wednesday evening I will drive home and spend some much-needed time with the kid and the husband.

I really want to pass. If for no other reason than I just don't want to do this all again in February. I'm exhausted.


Emily said...

Good luck. It's been two years since I took the bar, and I still find myself getting anxious for this year's test-takers when I read posts like these.

Your during-bar plans sound perfect (I did pretty much the same things, and I passed the first time out, if it makes you feel any better). You're going to need to rest your brain at the end of the day.

Be thankful that your bar is only two days long. Mine was two and a half, and that last day was killer.

Kim said...

I could have written this post, if it makes you feel any better. I feel exactly the same way you do about my level of preparedness (although my Achilles heel seems to be Evidence instead of Property). Your plans for the next few days even echo mine, except that I don't plan to do any more review from now until Tuesday! :) Very best of luck!!!!!!!!!!

Shelley said...

You will rock it. It will be an unpleasant couple of days, and you will walk away thinking you failed, but you will rock it.

It is nowhere near as hard has having a baby, let alone the rollercoaster you rode when you were pregnant. All of the answers are in your head - if you can't think of one, breathe deeply, move on, and it'll come to you. You can do it. :)