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Friday, July 17, 2009


Husband is working tonight, but instead of getting a sitter and doing more studying, I decided I deserved some quality time with the kid. We ate dinner, watched some Elmo (today, Elmo referred to Mr. Noodle as being a "swinger" and I nearly spit Diet Coke out my nose), and played with Cora's new bath toys, these letters and numbers that when wet, stick to the bathroom tile. Cora loved them so much, she didn't want to get out. I need to upload the videos I took, they're hilarious. Then we read books about Elmo and duckies before heading to bed. Then I cleaned the house. Bleh.

Before picking Cora up from daycare today, I went shopping and spent a ton of money on baby and wedding gifts. I've been told before that I have too many friends. Heh, there might be some truth to that. Four weddings in the fall, and a bazillion babies! Thankfully, I'm doing neither!

Looking forward to all the celebrating though. Two weddings next month, one is a law school friend and the other is a childhood friend. The law school friend is getting married a week after the bar exam in Husband's "hometown" (Husband was an Army brat, that's where they settled when his dad retired and he went to high school). So, we're dropping Cora off with her Pa-Pa and boozing it up at my friend's wedding. Yay, booze! Uh, yeah, and marital bliss, whatever...

I was up until 3am last night, got back up at 9 this morning, and I'm feeling like my brain is absolutely fried. I'm going to bed early tonight. I'm starting to find fact-patterns everywhere, it's insane. I was watching "Better Off Ted" last night and coming up with defenses for Veridian Dynamics various products liability issues. (Sigh. I really am an insurance defense attorney at heart. It's because I'm dead inside.)


Dakota said...

I am both amused and disturbed at the fact patterns I am finding everywhere. Fact patterns, and words/phrases that will just trigger elements of whatever. I heard something about "tangled" today...and immediately went to "may not cause excessive government entanglement with religion." At least I hope it means some of this stuff is sticking!

Hope you get to bed early and find some fun in this weekend!

Cee said...

I second your "yay booze!" And aren't kid shows hilarious? I like the ones that provide hidden gems of goodness for adults too.

CM said...

Yesterday I was walking past some guys up on a ladder putting up a heavy sign, and I caught myself calculating my contributory negligence in case they dropped it on my head. (I would have to join the driver of the double-parked truck that prevented me from going around the construction.)

Kim said...

I am doing the same thing with the fact patterns, as it sounds like everyone is. I second Dakota--I really hope that means something is sticking in my brain, because at this point it feels like mush.