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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Dear Bar Exam,

I hate you.

I wish you would spontaneously burst into flames and meet a fiery death so we never meet.

I hate you that much.

Oh, I'm all over you with some MBE. That's right. The MBE is getting owned on July 29th. Owned. You will be my bitch, MBE.

But you are currently kicking my ass with the essays. I am getting a little tired of going through the essay book and getting answers completely freakin' wrong.

For instance, I happen to know that when there is a potentially fundamental change to the corporation, that shareholders need to vote on the matter at hand. What I apparently didn't know is that a sale affecting 50% of the assets of the corporation is not substantial enough to be fundamental. WTF? That wasn't in the corporations lecture. That wasn't in my Business Associations class. Do you just make this stuff up to screw with me? But, how important is it that I get that point right? The answer to the question is still the same: the directors can't vote on the matter, because two of the three have a conflict (they're the ones trying to conduct the sale for their own benefit). I got the issue right, the rule right, the answer right, but I got the analysis wrong. How much does that matter? Less than 25% so that I can still get a passing score on the question? Please?

Oh, and leave it to my state to have a freakin' bass fishing question, that I completely missed. Stupid wild animals issue, not an accession issue. And what a stupid result. Surely my state's bar examiners would know that if you leave your pole unattended and you hook the biggest bass ever, that sucker ain't reeling itself in, and it'll take your pole with it, too. So, why do you still get the fish? Constructive possession, bah.

Anyway, I'm a bit frustrated. I don't really understand how the essay grading works to determine how good (or how bad) I'm actually doing. The book has these beautifully crafted answers that someone significantly smarter than me wrote. I know we don't have to write that much, or that well. But it's still unclear to me what actually is a passing answer. Would I have gotten any credit on the bass fishing answer for completely missing the boat? Sigh.

So, yeah, I hate you, Bar Exam. I desperately hope that after July 29th, we never meet again.


Butterflyfish said...

I have the same problem with the essays. That fish constructive possession one sounds like it takes the cake though

Dakota said...

I am totally with you, and love your line about the MBE being your bitch. I think I will adopt the same philosophy!