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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Crazy ensues

It's been a bad couple days for me. I've been studying my ass off for Evidence, and it doesn't seem to be doing any good. I think I've hit a wall. So, now I'm trying a different approach and spending the evening going through the Law in a Flash cards for Hearsay and Character Evidence. I think my biggest problem is just figuring out what the hell the statement is actually being used for, because it's not always clear to me from the problem whether the statement is being used to prove the truth of the statement. So I figure the more hypos I do, the more likely I'll figure it out, and a light bulb will come on. I got a decent grade in Evidence, I dunno what the problem is. Bah.

I've been fighting bad headaches, sinus congestion, fatigue, dizziness and an all around foul mood. Also, I'm gaining weight again, I can feel it. I'm supposed to be losing weight (so my suits fit). If I gain anymore weight, I'll have to forgo my job and apply to one of those shows where fat people go to fat camp, or learn to dance, or something. I need to force myself to go to the gym tomorrow, then I need to find somewhere else to be for the next two days, because my father-in-law will be in town. He will both stress me out even more, and make me even fatter. I'm grumpy and need to be alone. And alcohol. I need alcohol.

I'm just glad the bar will be over in 3 weeks, because any longer than that, I'd not only end up in fat camp, I'd be doped up on anti-depressants as well. I hate the bar.

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