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Monday, July 13, 2009

Bar Preparedness

Making this list makes me feel better.

Topics where I rock:

Constitutional Law
Contracts Law (MBE only)
Family Law
Federal Income Tax
Commercial Paper
Personal Property
Fed Civ Pro (except I keep getting the state distinctions mixed up, ugh)
Conflicts of Law

Topics where I suck:
Secured Transactions
Federal Estate & Gift Tax and Future Interests
Real Property
Contracts (essays)
Admin (possibly because I haven't done the lecture yet)

On the essays, I want as many family law, torts and crime questions as possible. I would love a tax question, because it's so basic. I wouldn't mind a commercial paper question, I kinda liked that topic. Wills and trusts are fine.

Real Property I still don't "get" but as long as I can manage to get at least half of the property questions right on the MBE, I can still pass the MBE with flying colors. I now rock at Evidence. I went through all the Law in a Flash evidence cards, and my practice scores jumped dramatically. I need to track down my Property cards and see if that will help.

I need to learn the "terms of art" for Contracts. I do ridiculously well on the MBE questions, but when it comes to describing the "why," I'm having some difficulty remembering "what stuff's called."

Fed Estate & Gift Tax and Future Interests. I'm screwed. The only thing I could possibly say to get any points at all is "QTIP." I can define it, but I'm really not sure what it even means, how it applies, and I didn't even understand the answer to the questions in the book. That's some epic fail right there. Our state hasn't asked a question on that topic in over a decade, I'm hoping they continue that trend. I might need to find someone who took Estate & Gift Tax and see if they have any supplements, an idiot's guide maybe, because the Barbri stuff is no help at all.

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