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Sunday, June 21, 2009


I took a day trip to my new town to go apartment-hunting the week before last. I thought I'd found an apartment, told the guy I wanted it, only to find out his partner had just rented it to someone else. So he says. I'm skeptical by nature. The apartment was too good to be true. It included all utilities, even cable and internet, and was in a safe area in an even smaller town 10 minutes from my office. I suspect it was a bait and switch because the guy then said he had other apartments available for the same price, but didn't include any of the utilities. I was like, dude, the price is way too high without the utilities, no way. Waste of a day. I drove around town, just looking around trying to find any apartment complexes at all, and eventually left because I ended up in the middle of a monsoon where I'm surprised I didn't get my car stuck in a pond. (I can only thank my father-in-law for teaching me how to drive through standing water.) But back to the drawing board.

I'm having some difficulty finding a place to live in my new town, mainly because I'm not very familiar with the area and also, it's such a small town it's not like there's one of those apartment guides you pick up at the grocery store. In fact, there's only one actual apartment complex, you know, the kind that has actual amenities, like a pool and a gym. It's a bit more than I really want to pay, but worth it for the reliability of 24-hour maintenance, the onsite gym, the dog park and the kiddie playground. At the same time, I can't even get anyone there to call me back to find out if there are any apartments available. Fail.

So, I've been checking the local classifieds (at least the local rag has a website and posts their classifieds online), and Craigslist, although Craigslist isn't all that helpful because most of the postings are for a nearby larger city, which is in a neighboring state. If all else fails, I'll start looking there, but I'd prefer not to live very far away from my office. I'm going to be driving a lot to commute between cities until Husband finishes his masters next spring. I don't want a 30 minute communte to work too. And isn't that the benefit of small town life, is that it only takes you 5 minutes to get everywhere? I live in a city with something like a quarter million people right now and it takes me less than 15 minutes to get to downtown/campus from my little 'burb. I don't mind actual roadtrips, but I hate long morning commutes. Mostly because I'm always running late.

Anyway, my choices are basically limited to low-income housing structures, renting apartments that have been converted from old houses from private renters, and renting houses. There are some townhouses/condos, but they're more upscale, because there's a decent-sized medical center (the one I'll be spending most of my time suing). I could technically afford those places, but I'd rather live more ghetto and save money so I can pay off my credit card before I have to start making ginormous student loan payments, which will result in me actually being low-income.

I'm also not really sure what's the "good" area of town and what's the "bad" area of town. While I don't particularly want an episode of Cops to play out on my street, with some drunk redneck beating his wife at 3am, it's not like there are drive-by shootings with gang violence or anything. And I've seen what real ghettos look like, that ain't it. Even so, I won't be there on the weekends so I don't want to live somewhere that's an invitation to break in and steal my stuff. Not that I'll really have any stuff to steal. I'm taking the old furniture with me. The hand-me-down couch that's downstairs, the older TV/DVD player, etc. Stuff we're going to pitch and replace with new stuff eventually.

Husband is looking for a job in the New Town, and it's possible that we'll fully relocate. Of course, him getting a job is limited by the fact that my office sues the place that's his best bet for a job, and the town is definitely small enough that he wouldn't be able to work there because of it (and our last name isn't exactly ordinary). And he really wants to work in a larger hospital. He might be able to get a job in the neighboring city across state lines, but there's a question of licensure and different states have difficult regulations about what Nurse Practitioners can actually practice. So honestly, if I really love my job, we'll probably just move to the northeast part of our city, which will shave 30 minutes off the trip out there, and I'll commute. I'll keep an apartment there for necessities of late-nights or early mornings, and drive the hour and a half the rest of the time. I'll learn to dictate during the commute and my secretary will hate me for it, but you do what you have to do. And if I don't really love the job, or I absolutely hate the job, then I'll start looking for a new job after I have some experience.

But it's all too early to figure that out yet. For right now, I'm just looking for a place to live for the next year and poisoning my brain with bar review. Seven lectures last week, it was awful. I doubled up so I could actually have a day off (thank the law gods for the iPod Self-Study), but I'm still falling behind on the practice exams. And I have to actually relearn all of Property. Future Interests? I don't remember ANY of it. I have to start from scratch. Good thing I still have my Future Interests primer from 1L. I need to pick a day next week and just work through the whole thing. I also need to do plenty more work for Contracts. I totally rock at Crim Law/Pro, I'm pretty good with Evidence and Con Law, and I'm disappointingly mediocre with Torts. I haven't even bothered taking Contracts or Property practice tests yet because I would probably get all of them wrong, I just haven't studied enough.

The best thing I did this week, however, was pick out a chair for my new office. My paralegal (How cool is that? I have a paralegal!) called and said they were getting my office and my conference room ready (yes, I get two rooms, it rocks... one to work in and one to meet with clients in). She's ordering my computer and also my chair, so I had to go pick one out. It's all very exciting and grown-up. Yeah, I know I'm almost 30, and I'm married with a kid and a house, so technically I've been a grown-up for quite awhile, but starting my career, my actual career, with actual responsibilities... this is what makes me feel like a grown up instead of some kid just playing house.

Now I just need to pass the bar, find a place to live, and lose 15 pounds so all my suits actually fit, which they haven't since 1L year. Sigh.

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Dead Man's Statute is an evidence thing -- has to do with when you can testify about what a dead person said to you. I've already forgotten the rules. When I remember, I'll let you know.