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Thursday, June 25, 2009

More wasted days

I spent yet another day apartment hunting yesterday. Four hours of driving, and quite a bit of time just driving around and looking at places. I saw a couple apartments, including a house that was for rent that might have been rather nice if not for the extremely offensive odors. I think something or someone died in there and wasn't found for at least several weeks. And then someone or something else pee'd all over the place. And then the windows were left open and the place flooded then mildewed. It was awful, I couldn't even get passed the living room before I had to leave. Even still, when I got there for the open house, there was a dude sitting in there filling out a lease application for the place. I'm like, dude, I've got a cardboard box I can loan you, you don't have to live in this dump. Apparently rentals are hard to come by. Suck.

Anyway, I've got leads on a couple places. Boss Dude is very well-known in town, and has a good relationship with a few local realtors. So, I dropped by one of the realtor's offices, and they wrote down several names and numbers for me to call. In turn, those people gave me other numbers. Finally, I've got leads on three places, and I'm going to go view them next Wednesday, and hopefully the places will still be available by then. They haven't been advertised or anything yet. One sounds really promising. It's just a one-bedroom flat, but it's three blocks from my office. And considering I just found out that Boss Dude is a stickler for punctuality, I definitely need to be close by the office. I am most decidedly not punctual. I run on a fifteen minute delay. So, being able to walk to work instead of fighting traffic will be most helpful. Also, I figure that will help mitigate the increase in my carbon footprint, since I'll be driving back and forth between cities twice a week. There's a house that is still within walking distance, but further away, so I wouldn't walk it when the weather was bad. It's pretty big, and has two bedrooms. It's about $200 more a month, which is certainly worth the extra space, but I don't need the extra space since Husband will likely never be there, and the kid will only be there one or two days a week.

The one apartment complex that has amenities, is completely full. Most of the residents are medical staff from the area hospital. It's a really nice place, but way over priced. I could get the same apartment here for the same price or cheaper. Also, they aren't sure they'll even have a one-bedroom vacancy sometime in the next couple months. So, oh well. I would have liked the amenities, but I'm not sure an extra $300 a month is worth it. I can use the pool and gym at the Y for $25 a month.

So, a wasted day of no bar reviewing. Instead I came home, played with the kid, ate dinner and Husband and I started watching the last season of Lost. I'm working on Contracts today, and tomorrow will be Property. Then Saturday's the big day for the simulated MBE. On one hand, I want to score really high so I can feel confident about myself. On the other hand, I don't want to score too high, because then I'll feel too confident about myself. I was feeling pretty confident about myself, doing really well on the practice exams, always getting above the goal score. And then I completely sucked it on one of the Evidence practices. The goal was 10/18. I got 6/18. Ouch! I had gotten 13/18 on the previous Evidence practice set. So what the hell happened? I just got asked a bunch of questions on stuff I absolutely didn't know. Statistically speaking, that set is merely an outlier and I shouldn't give it much weight. Which makes me feel better until I consider the possibility that the Bar Exam itself could be an outlier, and I could end up with a ton of questions I don't know. Then I remember that if I don't know it, then maybe my colleagues won't know it, and they'll throw those questions out. Regardless, it all makes me exhausted enough to need a nap.

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