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Sunday, May 17, 2009


We leave in the afternoon for Mexico! Hurray!

I remember when vacationing was so much more spontaneous. For this vacation, I:

1. Purchased interruption/cancellation and medical insurance. How grown-up and lawyer-like.
2. Registered our trip with the State Dept., so in case there are any freak hurricanes, they know to look for us.
3. Updated our life insurance policies to include the kid as a beneficiary (in case the State Dept doesn't find us in the hurricane).
4. Hand-wrote a will, in compliance with state law (again, in case we're lost at sea); and
5. Wrote out all the emergency contact information for my mother, who is watching Cora this week while we're gone.

Whew. Not only that, but in order to pack Husband's stuff, I had to,GASP! clean his side of the bedroom. You wouldn't believe the crap I found over there, it was frightening and disgusting. But it's (mostly) cleaned and organized now. When we get back from vacation, I have to start cleaning my side of the bedroom, which isn't really bad, it's just covered in mounds of clean laundry that I'm too tired to put away because it's 2:30 in the morning. But in 17 hours, I'll be in Riviera Maya, enjoying margaritas and cabana boys. Hells yeah!


legally certifiable said...

Have Fun!

You thought of lots of stuff that I wouldn't have. Did you also sign an authorization for medical treatment for Cora while you are gone?

I am obsessive about medical authorizations because my brother was once in an accident when my mother was out of town the the hospital refused to let me authorize treatment, even though I was 18.

I hope you have a great time, and I'm sure everything will be fine!

Proto Attorney said...

Good thinking! I wrote one up real quick and signed it. Won't be notarized, but hopefully it'll do. Plane leaves in 2 hours! Yay!