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Monday, May 25, 2009


My kid's been alive for what, like, 18 months now? She apparently believes this entitles her to have opinions of her own. The worst example being that I have purchased three pairs of adorable sandals she refuses to allow touch her feet. Sandals are obviously not real shoes and the world will end if she wears them. She emphatically shakes her head when I present them to her, and wails in agony if I actually put them on her feet. I'm definitely getting a taste of toddler angst, which is going to be oodles of fun, I'm sure.

Things Cora really likes: The Sound of Her Own Voice (great... a lawyer in training), Shoes, Handbags, Sunglasses, Cell Phones, Staircases, the Park (particularly the slides), Books, Balls, Balloons, Anything Spherical, Ducks, Dogs, Animals in General, Toilet Water, Bugs, and Mandarin Oranges

Things Cora hates: Daddy Leaving the Room, Elevators, Six-Hour-Long Car Rides, Sitting in a High Chair Once She's Done Eating, Sandals, Pedicures, Leaving the Park, Swings, and a Big Yellow Chicken [that, when you press the wing, it plays the chicken dance song, flaps its wings and moves back and forth... terrifying]

Aside from her likes and dislikes, she doesn't actually say "no" or "yes" yet, but she shakes her head for "no" and nods her head for "yes." They're practically the only common toddler words not in her vocabulary, and I'm not complaining. The point still gets across though. "No, you horrible lady, I do not intend to leave the park and return home, I have only gone down the slide 37 times!" is the meaning behind the dirty look she gives me as she shakes her head and babbles something at me in toddler speak that I'm pretty sure is an expletive. (I'm her mother, I read her thoughts.) And then on the walk home, when she runs up to someone else's porch, sits down and waves, "bye!" that means, "I have found a new home. Surely these people will allow me to run into traffic, eat rocks and roll around in bird poop. You, however, totally suck, Lady." It is apparent that we will have a very long 16 1/2 years to come.

Cora in a box... equipped with my cell phone, an egg, and a maraca

Cora with her new tricycle, a gift from her cousin (they're best buds)

Getting a little push


Shelley said...

Oh, the shoe thing drives me nuts! She refused to wear anything but rainboots for about a month! And right now, Peach is big into "No shirt, no shirt" (which is really funny because she can't pronounce that "r" in shirt). Or looking at a dress she vetted herself in the store and screaming (when I try to put it on her ("NO ME! NO ME!")

Good luck! And Cora is a doll! Love the box picture! :)

Trannyhead said...

My kid prefers to be nekked. Thankfully, he's a boy so he can wear polo shirts which he can't get off too easily since they button.

Good luck.

allison said...

Hi, please check your email! It's urgent!

newduck said...

Hey! We have the same maracas. They're cool except after a while the musical one gets a little annoying.

Kim said...

She is so incredibly adorable!!!!