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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Mid-finals update

1. International law turns out to be a closed note-closed book exam, which we were all shocked and appalled to find out last week. The last two classes I had with this professor, also international courses, were open book-open note, and so we had all just assumed. Ugh. Now there is much freaking out about what we will be tested on in a very treaty articles/restatement-heavy course. Which is tomorrow morning.

2. We took the final for NPO this past Friday, which was supposedly 40% of our grade, and I went from having a B at midterm to a f**king C MINUS. This jackass gave nearly half the class either a C or a C-. After going down to the law school, accosting one of the deans in the hallway and ending up (literally) crying on his shoulder, I have since calmed down and have taken to honing my Jedi powers to make my textbook fly through the air and beat the professor senseless. I feel this is a much better use of my time than trying to study for International Law through hiccupping sobs. (I also told the dean what a horrible idea it is to ever post grades in the middle of exams.) I worked so hard in that damn class, to the detriment of my other classes. It's not like I've never gotten a crappy grade before, but those have always been in classes that I blew off studying or something. When you try your best at something and fail in an epic way, it really sucks.

3. At least I rocked the crim pro final yesterday. I worked really hard studying for it, and the prosecutorial internship helped immensely. However, I would like to give a big "F- You" shout out to SCOTUS for releasing Arizona v. Gant and overturning Chimel one week before finals. It's a terrible decision, not to mention in what universe is Scalia the swing vote?

4. I have the family law final next week, which we can take at any time, but I'm going to take it on Tuesday when it's scheduled, just to get it over with. I haven't even started outlining yet, but I have a ton of supplements, and my friend's outline who got an A+ in the class, and it's open book-open note, so I'm not too concerned. Then I'll be done. Last final ever.

I will never be so glad to be done with anything in my life. Oh, but I guess I'll need to change the name of the blog, eh?

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Butterflyfish said...

This post makes me say WTF a lot:

C-? WTF? Your Nonprofits class sounded like a nightmare, lots of projects and stuff. I am pissed on your behalf.

Surprise closed notes? WTF? That's the kind of thing that needs to be nailed down early in the semester.

And WTF? Your school gives A+?

Anyway, remember in a few days it will all be over. And you can so keep the blog title -- formerly knocked up AND formerly in law school. Ummm...maybe not.