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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Last week of school!

EVER! Okay, probably not ever. I'm sadistic enough that I'll probably go back for a PhD someday, either history or poly sci. I've even been considering a distance learning program in international dispute resolution, but probably not for a few years. Also, I'm toying with the idea of teaching history at a local community college. I'm a sucker for academia, what can I say?

Anyway, I'm working on what is turning out to be the longest frickin' outline ever (International Law). Since it's an open note exam, I'm going all detailed, and it's going on way too long. I swear it's going to be longer than the textbook, it's ridiculous. Blah. Tonight I have to fire off two short "reflection" papers. One's for family law and it's for an actual grade. I'm writing about mediation, since it's the only thing I actually know about family law (I have no outline written yet, I haven't cracked a single supplement, and I've been phoning it in all semester). Then I need to write a reflection about my prosecutorial internship, which was awesome, I can't say enough good things about it.

Should I ever actually finish the International Law outline, I need to compile some papers for the Nonprofit Orgs final on Friday (I'm completely phoning that one in. It's going to have math on it. I'm counting on my midterm and participation to anchor my grade). Then Crim Pro is next Tuesday, Int'l Law is next Thursday, and Family Law is the following Tuesday. Graduation is May 8. Light at the end of the tunnel!

The week after graduation I'm taking a road trip with my mother and Cora (ugh). We're going to NY (state) to visit family, and for memorial services for my grandmother who died last week. (Yeah, told you it was a shitty week.) Hopefully the trip won't be completely awful though. I'd like to make a few stops along the way and see friends, and also take a little excursion into Canada.

The next week, Cora is staying home with one of my law school peeps while Husband and I go to Mexico for a little under a week. Friends of ours got a condo for the week at a resort (his parents have a timeshare), because it's their 5-year anniversary. They invited us to come along since the condo's pretty big. So it's pretty much a free place to stay, and the airfare was practically free too, because I had reward points to cash in from my credit card and it almost completely covered our tickets (I was short $100). Win! So, I'm hoping to see some ruins, do some scuba diving or at least snorkeling, and drink a helluva lot of tequila-based beverages. I'm also hoping to not burn up all lobstery like the last time we went to Mexico, nor do I want to get arrested and end up in a Mexican prison, get kidnapped by Mexican drug cartel members, or get Montezuma's Revenge in any way. Just sunshine, beach, alcohol and cabana boys! And no more law school!!


LL said...

Tequila's the safest thing to eat or drink in Mexico- have a blast!! And good luck on the road trip, I'm so sorry about your grandfather.

LawSchoolMom said...

W00t! I'm right there with ya, sister. We're heading to New Mexico the day after graduation. I was willing to skip graduation but the hubs is forcing me to go. ;) Good luck with your finals!

Emily W. said...

Check your email! Per your instructions. :) I'm new here- but I'll be here to stay. I'm a 2L in Texas with a baby on the way. Looks like you're finishing up, though, congrats! Enjoy mexico- and leave the "reasonable person" behind!

A Lawyer Mom's Musings said...

Open-book exams are sadistic.

Just do the damn outline (which is how you learn the material anyway) and when you're finished with it, DRINK, my friend, and be done with it.