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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Fighting Crime

This past weekend I did a ride along with the local police department (our city has about 250,000 people to give you an idea of the action). Those of us doing the internship with the prosecutors office got to go. They sent us with second shift on Friday, in the more hoppin' part of town (i.e. downtown and the ghetto). It was totally awesome. Some observations:

1. My cop was totally smokin' hot. I could go on and on about that, and exactly what I'd do with him, handcuffs and a squad car if I were single, but sadly, this isn't that type of blog. Sorry!

2. I love professional drunks. You have to respect someone who can blow a .36 and not only still be alive, but have enough hand-eye coordination to smoke a cigarette. He fared much better than the dude passed out under a bush in broad daylight who'd pissed himself. That guy only blew a .2. (Pansy.)

3. I love crazy people. (The funny crazy, not the dangerous crazy.) My personal favorite of the night was the crazy lady we visited on a domestic disturbance call who, turns out, had a warrant out for her arrest. After being mirandized, she told the arresting officer to "suck my dick." He didn't really know what to make of that one. She was by far not the craziest person we met, but definitely the most fun. Apparently they make regular visits out to her house.

4. Driving super fast in a squad car with the lights and siren? Totally hawt.

5. Getting stared down at the jail Hannibal Lecter-style by super drunk smelly perv guy with a blanky? Totally not hawt. We had to move our lady shoplifter out of the perp waiting area because he kept saying gross pervy things to her. On the other hand, such a delightful jail visit might make her think twice about walking out of a store with merchandise shoved under her size zero shirt, like no one's going to notice. (Shoplifting fail.)

6. Tagging a classmate for speeding, and preventing her from getting a ticket. She was a grad school classmate, not a law school classmate. Had it been a law school classmate, I would have advised the officer the person was likely drunk/stoned/armed/carrying contraband and he should administer a sobriety test/strip search. Terry stop? Blah blah blah, whatever.

7. Our PD is all high-tech and stuff. They have laptops with wireless. So they can pull up behind a car, run the plate, know if the car's been reported stolen or something, who the car is registered to and if that person has any outstanding warrants, a suspended license, or perhaps a long and sordid history of drug-trafficking or whatever. Pretty cool. It's how I knew the person we tagged for speeding was my friend. I learned the cops have a lot of discretion in when to pull people over and when to give warnings or make arrests. If there's a warrant, of course, they have to make an arrest.

A very cool experience. I have a new respect for police officers, who I've generally just found to be a nuisance in preventing me from speeding and disregarding traffic laws in general, which is totally lame. But, they do exciting, dangerous, and often times super-gross work for very little pay. It was very informative to know what goes on before we see these folks in court. Totally awesome.

Just 2 1/2 more weeks of classes, then finals. I'm very sad my prosecutorial internship will be coming to an end. I have absolutely loved it. I never in a million years would have thought I'd want to do criminal law, but I really want to be a prosecutor someday. Once I get my loans paid down and can afford to make crap money, that is!


(In)Sanity Gal said...

I'm totally jealous. We had a police officer come to our crim pro class and talk and he told us to contact him if we wanted to do a ride-along, and I just might do that.

Cee said...

wow, that sounds awesome! although i just saw Milk lastnight so I am still in a "hating cop" mood.

PT-LawMom said...

Aw, come on, you could make it that type of blog, couldn't you? Tee-hee. ;) Sounds like a blast!

jan said...

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