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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Continuing the Fail

The International Law exam today was disastrous. I know, it's my own fault. I let myself get all worked up yesterday about the stupid NPO grade that I barely even looked at the material, and then completely freaked during the exam. I mean, like, completely. I'm not even sure what I wrote on the essay. Most of the exam was True/False questions, and there were some short answers. The essay was only 1/3 of the exam and as long as I did decently on the rest, I might be able to pull a C+. It was bad. That's all I can say. It's disappointing; it's definitely not representative of what I've learned in the course, or how much work I put into it. But it's a little embarassing considering I'm the ILS president. Sigh.

A friend and I went to drown our sorrows in beer and pizza for lunch. I'm relaxing at home, trying to make myself feel better about having potentially two C minuses in my last semester of law school. (Yeah, whoever is currently last in our class should write me a thank-you note for me taking their place.) Ugh. Tonight I'm going out for drinks and fondue with non-law school girlfriends. Then I'll be working on my family law outline tomorrow and the rest of the weekend, until I take the exam on Tuesday. And I'll be done!

Getting highly irritated that it looks like our trip to Mexico will be canceled. Just to be clear, I'm not afraid of swine flu. I'm not one of these alarmists who thinks we must close the border immediately and spray anyone who looks Mexican with Lysol if they get too close (and there are plenty of people like that out there). It's just mass-hysteria manufactured by the media. Now I wouldn't take a trip to Mexico City, no. But there haven't been any cases confirmed in the Yucatan. Also, the swine flu is treatable with Tamiflu, and it appears from the data that the fatalities in Mexico are more due to a lack of prompt treatment (or treatment of any kind), combined with other risk factors that make getting the flu dangerous regardless of the type. Honestly, I have more of a chance of death from going to the eastern part of our state where multi-drug-resistent TB lurks in the hollows (that's pronounced "hollers" for those of you who speak actual English). But there are a couple concerns. First, I'm in a low-risk group, but my kid isn't. She has one-third of one of her lungs and she's under 2 years old. So, getting the swine flu would be really dangerous for her. Second, the mass panic concerning swine flu has caused a huge back-up with air travel and word is out of Cancun with canceled flights and going through security and all the panic, it could take almost 2 days just to get home. Hell no. That's not a vacation, that's a nightmare. I can drive to the beach somewhere along the east coast instead. So, right now we're taking the "wait and see" approach. Delta hasn't offered rebooking on our flight yet, only up to the day before our flight. If things are still clear in the Yucatan and air travel stops being a nightmare, we'll still go. Otherwise, I think the trip's gonna be a bust. Sigh.


newduck said...

Horrible! There's nothing worse than a cancelled vacation! Can you do the Caribbean instead? Or Miami?

By the way, I think I just facebook friended you, but without leaving any indication as to who I was. I saw pictures of Cora through PT-LawMom's profile, and I was like, hey, I bet that's Proto Attorney. Weird, I know. Especially if that isn't you and I just facebooked a total stranger.

LL said...

I'm sorry about the final and the vacation snafu. As newduck said, there's nothing worse than a canceled vacation. Although it seems like some of the panic has subsided, do you think you'll be able to go? I hope so!