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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Continuing the Fail

The International Law exam today was disastrous. I know, it's my own fault. I let myself get all worked up yesterday about the stupid NPO grade that I barely even looked at the material, and then completely freaked during the exam. I mean, like, completely. I'm not even sure what I wrote on the essay. Most of the exam was True/False questions, and there were some short answers. The essay was only 1/3 of the exam and as long as I did decently on the rest, I might be able to pull a C+. It was bad. That's all I can say. It's disappointing; it's definitely not representative of what I've learned in the course, or how much work I put into it. But it's a little embarassing considering I'm the ILS president. Sigh.

A friend and I went to drown our sorrows in beer and pizza for lunch. I'm relaxing at home, trying to make myself feel better about having potentially two C minuses in my last semester of law school. (Yeah, whoever is currently last in our class should write me a thank-you note for me taking their place.) Ugh. Tonight I'm going out for drinks and fondue with non-law school girlfriends. Then I'll be working on my family law outline tomorrow and the rest of the weekend, until I take the exam on Tuesday. And I'll be done!

Getting highly irritated that it looks like our trip to Mexico will be canceled. Just to be clear, I'm not afraid of swine flu. I'm not one of these alarmists who thinks we must close the border immediately and spray anyone who looks Mexican with Lysol if they get too close (and there are plenty of people like that out there). It's just mass-hysteria manufactured by the media. Now I wouldn't take a trip to Mexico City, no. But there haven't been any cases confirmed in the Yucatan. Also, the swine flu is treatable with Tamiflu, and it appears from the data that the fatalities in Mexico are more due to a lack of prompt treatment (or treatment of any kind), combined with other risk factors that make getting the flu dangerous regardless of the type. Honestly, I have more of a chance of death from going to the eastern part of our state where multi-drug-resistent TB lurks in the hollows (that's pronounced "hollers" for those of you who speak actual English). But there are a couple concerns. First, I'm in a low-risk group, but my kid isn't. She has one-third of one of her lungs and she's under 2 years old. So, getting the swine flu would be really dangerous for her. Second, the mass panic concerning swine flu has caused a huge back-up with air travel and word is out of Cancun with canceled flights and going through security and all the panic, it could take almost 2 days just to get home. Hell no. That's not a vacation, that's a nightmare. I can drive to the beach somewhere along the east coast instead. So, right now we're taking the "wait and see" approach. Delta hasn't offered rebooking on our flight yet, only up to the day before our flight. If things are still clear in the Yucatan and air travel stops being a nightmare, we'll still go. Otherwise, I think the trip's gonna be a bust. Sigh.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Mid-finals update

1. International law turns out to be a closed note-closed book exam, which we were all shocked and appalled to find out last week. The last two classes I had with this professor, also international courses, were open book-open note, and so we had all just assumed. Ugh. Now there is much freaking out about what we will be tested on in a very treaty articles/restatement-heavy course. Which is tomorrow morning.

2. We took the final for NPO this past Friday, which was supposedly 40% of our grade, and I went from having a B at midterm to a f**king C MINUS. This jackass gave nearly half the class either a C or a C-. After going down to the law school, accosting one of the deans in the hallway and ending up (literally) crying on his shoulder, I have since calmed down and have taken to honing my Jedi powers to make my textbook fly through the air and beat the professor senseless. I feel this is a much better use of my time than trying to study for International Law through hiccupping sobs. (I also told the dean what a horrible idea it is to ever post grades in the middle of exams.) I worked so hard in that damn class, to the detriment of my other classes. It's not like I've never gotten a crappy grade before, but those have always been in classes that I blew off studying or something. When you try your best at something and fail in an epic way, it really sucks.

3. At least I rocked the crim pro final yesterday. I worked really hard studying for it, and the prosecutorial internship helped immensely. However, I would like to give a big "F- You" shout out to SCOTUS for releasing Arizona v. Gant and overturning Chimel one week before finals. It's a terrible decision, not to mention in what universe is Scalia the swing vote?

4. I have the family law final next week, which we can take at any time, but I'm going to take it on Tuesday when it's scheduled, just to get it over with. I haven't even started outlining yet, but I have a ton of supplements, and my friend's outline who got an A+ in the class, and it's open book-open note, so I'm not too concerned. Then I'll be done. Last final ever.

I will never be so glad to be done with anything in my life. Oh, but I guess I'll need to change the name of the blog, eh?

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Last week of school!

EVER! Okay, probably not ever. I'm sadistic enough that I'll probably go back for a PhD someday, either history or poly sci. I've even been considering a distance learning program in international dispute resolution, but probably not for a few years. Also, I'm toying with the idea of teaching history at a local community college. I'm a sucker for academia, what can I say?

Anyway, I'm working on what is turning out to be the longest frickin' outline ever (International Law). Since it's an open note exam, I'm going all detailed, and it's going on way too long. I swear it's going to be longer than the textbook, it's ridiculous. Blah. Tonight I have to fire off two short "reflection" papers. One's for family law and it's for an actual grade. I'm writing about mediation, since it's the only thing I actually know about family law (I have no outline written yet, I haven't cracked a single supplement, and I've been phoning it in all semester). Then I need to write a reflection about my prosecutorial internship, which was awesome, I can't say enough good things about it.

Should I ever actually finish the International Law outline, I need to compile some papers for the Nonprofit Orgs final on Friday (I'm completely phoning that one in. It's going to have math on it. I'm counting on my midterm and participation to anchor my grade). Then Crim Pro is next Tuesday, Int'l Law is next Thursday, and Family Law is the following Tuesday. Graduation is May 8. Light at the end of the tunnel!

The week after graduation I'm taking a road trip with my mother and Cora (ugh). We're going to NY (state) to visit family, and for memorial services for my grandmother who died last week. (Yeah, told you it was a shitty week.) Hopefully the trip won't be completely awful though. I'd like to make a few stops along the way and see friends, and also take a little excursion into Canada.

The next week, Cora is staying home with one of my law school peeps while Husband and I go to Mexico for a little under a week. Friends of ours got a condo for the week at a resort (his parents have a timeshare), because it's their 5-year anniversary. They invited us to come along since the condo's pretty big. So it's pretty much a free place to stay, and the airfare was practically free too, because I had reward points to cash in from my credit card and it almost completely covered our tickets (I was short $100). Win! So, I'm hoping to see some ruins, do some scuba diving or at least snorkeling, and drink a helluva lot of tequila-based beverages. I'm also hoping to not burn up all lobstery like the last time we went to Mexico, nor do I want to get arrested and end up in a Mexican prison, get kidnapped by Mexican drug cartel members, or get Montezuma's Revenge in any way. Just sunshine, beach, alcohol and cabana boys! And no more law school!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Retail Therapy

After the week I've had, I decided to indulge.

That's a 4" stiletto heel, 1" platform kind of retail therapy. Better than drinking alone. Although probably more expensive.

Seriously, it's been a week of complete suck. I'd go more into it, but I don't have the energy. One more week of classes, then finals, and hopefully life will be a bit brighter on the other side.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Fighting Crime

This past weekend I did a ride along with the local police department (our city has about 250,000 people to give you an idea of the action). Those of us doing the internship with the prosecutors office got to go. They sent us with second shift on Friday, in the more hoppin' part of town (i.e. downtown and the ghetto). It was totally awesome. Some observations:

1. My cop was totally smokin' hot. I could go on and on about that, and exactly what I'd do with him, handcuffs and a squad car if I were single, but sadly, this isn't that type of blog. Sorry!

2. I love professional drunks. You have to respect someone who can blow a .36 and not only still be alive, but have enough hand-eye coordination to smoke a cigarette. He fared much better than the dude passed out under a bush in broad daylight who'd pissed himself. That guy only blew a .2. (Pansy.)

3. I love crazy people. (The funny crazy, not the dangerous crazy.) My personal favorite of the night was the crazy lady we visited on a domestic disturbance call who, turns out, had a warrant out for her arrest. After being mirandized, she told the arresting officer to "suck my dick." He didn't really know what to make of that one. She was by far not the craziest person we met, but definitely the most fun. Apparently they make regular visits out to her house.

4. Driving super fast in a squad car with the lights and siren? Totally hawt.

5. Getting stared down at the jail Hannibal Lecter-style by super drunk smelly perv guy with a blanky? Totally not hawt. We had to move our lady shoplifter out of the perp waiting area because he kept saying gross pervy things to her. On the other hand, such a delightful jail visit might make her think twice about walking out of a store with merchandise shoved under her size zero shirt, like no one's going to notice. (Shoplifting fail.)

6. Tagging a classmate for speeding, and preventing her from getting a ticket. She was a grad school classmate, not a law school classmate. Had it been a law school classmate, I would have advised the officer the person was likely drunk/stoned/armed/carrying contraband and he should administer a sobriety test/strip search. Terry stop? Blah blah blah, whatever.

7. Our PD is all high-tech and stuff. They have laptops with wireless. So they can pull up behind a car, run the plate, know if the car's been reported stolen or something, who the car is registered to and if that person has any outstanding warrants, a suspended license, or perhaps a long and sordid history of drug-trafficking or whatever. Pretty cool. It's how I knew the person we tagged for speeding was my friend. I learned the cops have a lot of discretion in when to pull people over and when to give warnings or make arrests. If there's a warrant, of course, they have to make an arrest.

A very cool experience. I have a new respect for police officers, who I've generally just found to be a nuisance in preventing me from speeding and disregarding traffic laws in general, which is totally lame. But, they do exciting, dangerous, and often times super-gross work for very little pay. It was very informative to know what goes on before we see these folks in court. Totally awesome.

Just 2 1/2 more weeks of classes, then finals. I'm very sad my prosecutorial internship will be coming to an end. I have absolutely loved it. I never in a million years would have thought I'd want to do criminal law, but I really want to be a prosecutor someday. Once I get my loans paid down and can afford to make crap money, that is!