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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Week in review

What's been going on:

1. All dressed up with nowhere to go. My trial got canceled, the defendant took a plea. I'm used to that in civil. Working all weekend, preparing for trial, just to have it settle right before. Bah. I had my opening all ready to go, I was all ready to fight defense counsel on admitting stupid statements defendant made after being read Miranda rights... oh, I was going to be brilliant. Much sadness.

2. Come-to-Jesus talks. We're at the torch-and-pitchfork phase of revolt against our nonprofits professor. As had several of my classmates already, I addressed the issues with the professor about our excessive reading assignments and our excessive group projects (that get assigned on Tuesday and we have to present on Friday). Our reading for this past Tuesday was 119 pages. Normally the readings are between 40-50 pages of dense, awful business/tax material. Then we have these group assignments, where we have to coordinate between four of us who have completely different schedules and are rarely available, to work on this stuff that ends up being incredibly time-consuming. One assignment a couple weeks ago was a drafting assignment of 7 different policies, it ended up being over 40 pages long. The legal drafting class doesn't have drafting assignments that long. It's insane. And we have a midterm next Friday. So, after being told by the professor that, you know, attorneys have a lot to do, and coordinating with other people is good practice for the "real world" (as though I've never been in the real world... yeah, thanks), I had a heart-to-heart with the associate dean. He'd received plenty of complaints about old dude already, like the fact that he rarely actually teaches or goes over the material, the most instruction we get is when we present the group assignments. And we've had three guest speakers so far, only one of which was actually worthwhile. We'll see if anything gets done. The 3L's who only need 2 credit hours have been given the option to drop the class and pick up an independent study. Sadly, I need 3 hours to graduate.

3. Birthday destruction. My husband's 31st birthday was Friday. We got sushi, went to another friend's birthday party briefly (he was trashed by the time we left him at 9pm), to go home to greet our own guests. Mom took Cora overnight so she would not be disturbed by the partying. Husband got ridiculously trashed, did his usual wandering out into the cold (he thinks being outside walking around will prevent him from throwing up... he is mistaken), and spent the rest of the night on the downstairs bathroom floor, hugging the toilet. He swears he wants a more subdued birthday next year. He says that every year, and every year it's the same.

I, on the other hand, stayed sober. (I figured one of us probably should.) But I still had a good time. I spent a good portion of the evening at the party watching hilarious music videos on youtube (like the one below). I love the cameo by Justin Timberlake. His music's rather dull, but he's a fantastic comedian (remember Dick in a Box?).

My week ahead is thankfully calmer than usual. It is the calm before the storm (of next week's midterm). But after that midterm? Spring Break! Woohoo!!! (I'll be spending the entire week outlining, but oh well.)


Shelley said...

That bites on the class - what is it with the last semester, when you end up with wackos? (I did, too.) Hopefully it will come to an OK end, but at least you have this memory all nice and fresh in your mind if you ever feel like going back to grad school. :)

LL said...

That sounds like a crazy birthday party, I can't remember the last time I threw up from drinking- whoah, I think that makes me a grown up.

And I loved the walking out in the cold- totally sounds like something that would make perfect sense if I was drunk.

Trannyhead said...

I'm glad you kicked your husband to the downstairs bathroom, anyway. If my hubby were to get trashed like that, I'd totally do the same thing. I'd be all "you can barf all you want to down here. There's no way in hell you're getting in bed with me."