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Saturday, March 7, 2009


Somebody wants me. It's nice to be wanted.

I got a job offer from the dude I interviewed with a couple weeks ago, the one 2 hours away in the NE part of the state. It is a really good offer.

I still have another interview on Wednesday, which is really promising since that dude is taking me to lunch at a really swanky place, so I figure he must be serious about me.

I need to talk more to Dude about the job and iron out a few things. For instance, Dude has offered to pay my bar review fees and relocation costs. That's a good chunk of change. So, what happens if like, I don't pass the bar ::knock on wood:: or something awful like I am projectile vomiting at the time of the bar exam, can't take it and have to wait until February? Also, does he want me to sign a contract locking me in for a certain number of years? You know, stuff like that.

The money itself could be higher. I think if Dude I'm Having Lunch With makes me an offer, his will be significantly more money (although the benefits will be lower). Also, even though his main office is 2 hours away as well, he has a local office and another office 1 hour away. A friend who used to work with him said she went to the main office once a week and worked locally the rest of the time. So, we'll see. I would enjoy the first job more, and I'd get courtroom time and a wide variety of stuff. The other job is whiplash law.

Anyway, I'm freaking out, like, a lot, about the prospects. Husband still has one more year on his degree, mainly clinicals during the week, and his regular job on the weekends. So, I'd stay in out there during the week, getting an apartment there, and come home on the weekends. The question would be who would take Cora. Husband is adamant he will not move to boofoo on a permanent basis, and really, I'm not keen on the idea either. I want Cora to go to school here, not there. But it's not like I have to stay there forever if we don't like it.

So, I feel a little better at least having options. Of course, the PMF thing, I guess, is still a possibility, but I'm not sure I want to work for the federal government when they can't even tell me if I'm a finalist yet, the RSVP date for the job fair is a week away, and the job fair in DC is two weeks away. I mean, seriously people. Do they have any idea how much last-minute airfare to DC is going to cost? I have a free place to stay, but still. It's all a little troublesome. Plus, Dude wants me to make a decision soon, and if I take his offer then I won't be doing PMF anyway.

I feel really good about the Dude (other than the locale), but I've been burned before. Attorneys have a way of hiding their insanity until you're locked in to working for them and give up other opportunities to take the job. This psycho bitch I worked for very briefly had everyone who knew her casually that she was bubbly and nice and sane. I turned down another job I had already accepted to take the job with her. Yeah... whoops. Turns out she drank a lot of that Mr. Hyde elixir and turned into a complete psycho when I started working for her.

Dude did give me the name of one guy who used to work for him to call as a reference for him. Which is nice. I feel a little weird calling him up, but I'll probably do it. I'm sure the guy isn't going to be like, Don't work for Dude, he's crazy! because otherwise, he wouldn't have given me his name, but it might be nice to get some perspective.


Jessica said...

I bet you were chosen for PMF. Everyone I know that was not chosen was notified Thursday evening while other people I know who fall into the same alphabetical groups haven't heard anything yet. If you haven't heard yet it's a good sign.

Cee said...

yay an offer!! that's great and it is nice to be wanted- go with the job you want and everything will fall into place! good luck!

LL said...

That's great! And you should totally call the guy for a recommendation about your boss, that's great he even offered. Even if your options aren't perfect, I'm so glad you have some!