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Monday, March 16, 2009

Happy Spring Break!

Hat model


Tormenting Bella with her love

I'm posting at 3am. Why? It's Spring Break! And I don't have to go to class. Yippee!

I actually made it out to see a movie tonight. I went for the geek choice (Watchmen), rather than an Oscar pick. Awesome movie, that stays very true to the graphic novel. (And I totally want Silk Spectre's f- me boots.)

Cora is so much fun these days. We had a really great day, where she was in a really good mood and giggling and just a joy. That really isn't most days lately, however. She's usually full of toddler angst, where she throws her head back and loudly laments my poor parenting skills/the unfairness of life in general. I think the terrible twos have come earlier than expected. But oh well.

This week I'm going to work, going to trial, going to Boofoo to finalize my employment deal with Boss Dude and throwing a baby shower for a friend who's having her first baby. I have two other friends who are having second babies, and two others who will be starting to try to have babies here soon. I, however, am happy with one. Husband's biological clock is ticking again, but he can wait until he grows a uterus. I have a bar exam to take, a new job to start, and I'll be living by myself (or alone with a toddler) most of the time.

Anyway, hope everyone's having a happy spring break. I guess I should go to bed now. I do have to be at work at noon!


Cee said...

looks like you're staying busy like usual! You have an adorable hat model- even if she does throw tantrums-babies having tantrums is kinda funny if you can remove yourself from the frustration of it all!

Shelley said...

Wow, look at her! She's HUGE! (And gorgeous!) :)