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Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I had the lunch interview today, which was interesting. We had lunch at this really swanky restaurant that I haven't been to in over 7 years (I actually met my husband at this place, the location of our friends' wedding reception). Lunch was quite good, and I really like the attorney. He's a really chatty guy, there were no awkward silences, that's for sure. And I have lovely table manners, thanks to my etiquette training. Anyway, he said I was the only person he's interview so far and he hadn't planned on making a decision for a couple months. I plan on calling him up the beginning of next week and letting him know that I have an offer, so if he plans on making me an offer, speak up now. Honestly though, unless he makes me an offer I couldn't possibly refuse, I'm taking the original offer.

I emailed First Dude on Tuesday, expressed my excitement about the offer and asked a few questions about the benefits package (I wanted to know more about the insurance policy, what it covers, etc., and about the retirement plan, so I can properly value the offer he's made me). I also did some checking on him, and he has an excellent reputation in the legal community, both out there and with the defense attorneys (who are mainly in our city). So I feel really good about the job. I also explained the situation with Husband having another year of school, and told him that while I really hope this will be a long-term commitment, there's the possibility that Husband might not find work in the area (even though he'll be a nurse practitioner, his specialty is really narrow). I wanted to disclose that possibility so there aren't any surprises, and definitely not hard feelings. It would be one thing if it were some mid-size firm that has a revolving door of associates. But the guy's a solo practitioner, and he's about to invest a lot of time and money into me, so I don't want him to think I'll definitely be working there for the next decade when I might only work there one or two years because Husband ends up with a job somewhere crazy. I know I probably shouldn't have said anything about it, but that's something that really pisses lawyers off is when their associates up and leave. Since the legal profession, at least here, is so much about reputation, I don't want to risk bad blood with my first boss. I didn't tell him that I'd still be willing to commute or anything, I just wanted to throw the possibility out there that Husband's job might take us somewhere else.

Anyway, I haven't heard back from him yet, but we're going to take a trip out there next week during Spring Break and tour the area, get to know it a little better. One of my law school friends just introduced me to a 2L she's friends with who's from the town. She said she'd be there over the summer and could help me find an apartment, etc. I'm pretty excited, I think I'm really going to like the job. Husband is going to try to do his clinicals at a hospital out there and even if he can't, he only has 12 hours of clinicals a week, so he and Cora can spend a few days of the week there with me. Once I get settled in out there, and make sure I'm not working crazy hours or anything, I'm going to apply for a part-time adjunct position at the local community college teaching either history or political science. It's something I've been wanting to do, but there really aren't any jobs here (again, saturated market).

So, that's that. I have a meeting with the career services dean tomorrow to discuss our annual international career panel, so I was also going to discuss the job with her. I think it's a good offer, but hearing others say so too reinforces it.

Anyway, two days until my Nonprofit Orgs midterm disaster. We can at least bring in our outlines and tax supplement, but it's still going to be epic fail. I plan on drinking a lot afterwards, and then enjoying my Spring Break. Oh, and sobering up in time to try a case next Thursday. Win! (Well, hopefully.)

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Cee said...

that's great- it will be awesome to have a job you actually like! best wishes with everything! starting new jobs is kind of fun!