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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentines weekend

We had a good weekend. My mom took Cora overnight so we could have some grown-up time. Good timing too, because Cora was in a seriously foul mood yesterday, and we were definitely glad to be shipping her off to Grandma's. So, we had a lazy day yesterday, did a little homework, watched some TV. We don't really make a big deal of Valentine's Day. Husband usually works it anyway, it's never been important enough to request off.

Before dinner, we went to the liquor store and bought 12 bottles of wine. We usually keep our wine rack pretty full, and it's been running low. We're big wine drinkers. One of my dreams is to live in Italy and drink my way through Tuscany. Anyway, our state legislature just passed an additional tobacco and alcohol tax, so we thought we'd stock up before the tax comes into effect. Even though alcohol certainly is a large portion of our "entertainment" budget, I'm still in support of the tax. We're running a huge budget deficit in our state. I can pay an extra 25 cents for a beer, it'll be fine.

After our wine-buying trip, we went to dinner. There's a little neighborhood Irish restaurant/bar that caters to the horse industry folks. They had a special Valentine's menu, so we made reservations. It was quite nice. We started with a variety of canap├ęs and a salad. Husband had lamb, and I had quail. For dessert we had pineapple tort. After dinner, we went home and opened a bottle of champagne, and caught up on episodes of The Office. Yeah, we're wild and crazy.

Today, I slept until noon, and lounged around in my robe until 5pm when Cora woke up from her nap. We went grocery shopping, had dinner, and now I'm alternating between outlining for International Law and watching this silly archaeology mystery movie, The Last Templar. I'm a sucker for silly archaeology mystery films though. I love reading about archaeology. The actual act of digging around in the desert, however, ugh. I'm a lot less Indiana Jones and a lot more book worm. Except when it comes to law books. Then I'd rather dig around in the desert.

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Cee said...

last night we caught up on the Office too (we celebrated v-day the day before). Indiana Jones was my personal hero during my formative high school years! I have a soft spot for all things adventurous and archaeology related!