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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Things Overheard at Dinner

Cora: [drops the crayon on the floor] Uh oh!

Me: [picks up the crayon] Yes, "uh oh."

Cora: [drops the sippy cup on the floor] Uh oh!

Me: [picks up the sippy cup] No, that's not an "uh oh"! You did that on purpose.

Cora: Perrsss.

Me: That's right. Purpose.

Cora: Badada, uh oh!

Me: No, that was on purpose. You meant to do that. Mens rea, kid, mens rea. It was intentional, and therefore, not an "uh oh."

Cora: Uh oh!

Me: Why am I trying to reason with a toddler?

Husband: I have no idea.

Cora: [drops the sippy cup again] Uh oh!

Husband: Uh oh.

Me: Uh oh.


Cee said...

ha ha! that is great! "mens rea"! I'm going to remember that to use on Jacob.

gudnuff said...

Your wee toddler will never concede the point. And see? She has both of you trained by the end of the conversation. Very clever child.

CM said...

It took months, but K now understands the difference between intention and accident (and the words for each). I'll never forget the day he started grabbing handfuls of paper out of the shredder and dumping them into a huge pile across the room, saying, "DWOP.... On popose! DWOP... on popose!"

Butterflyfish said...

check your email