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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Goings on

1. Rejection. Didn't get a call-back from fed. magistrate judge (no surprise there), but the one that hurts my feelings is the rejection letter from the FBI. Sigh. To think of all the illicit drugs I could have done in college and didn't because I was "going to join the FBI." Meh. I'm only mildly disappointed. I guess it wasn't meant to be. If I want it that badly, I'll buy one of those Rosetta Stone things and learn Farsi or Urdu or something that will make them beg me to come work for them. Otherwise, looks like I'll be practicing law. Lame. Or mopping floors. Slightly more lame. I guess if I go ahead and still drop the 40 pounds I needed to join the FBI, I can always work a pole. Now there's something to aspire to. Dreams = squish.

2. Sleep deprivation. Toddler + molar = The Devil. Seriously considered JSS*, as Husband snored right through screaming, squalling, thrashing toddler antics. I snuggled and rocked her to sleep and intended to just pass out on the couch with her, but sleep only came in 20 minute intervals before she woke up screaming again. It seriously sucked. I was seriously tired. Plus I was heavily caffeinated all day and kept dropping things. (Butter fingers.) But at least I didn't drop my laptop on my foot again like I did this past weekend. Ugh. Cora is heavily medicated and sleeping soundly tonight. She's been Tylenol'd, Orajel'd, and some other thing the pharmacist recommended that's all organic and shiznit. Oh, and chloroform'd.
* Justifiable Spousal Suffocation

3. I'm not a lawyer, I just play one in Circuit Court. I have my first trial next Thursday. I'm only slightly nervous. Glad it's not my first real court appearance. But it will be a bigger deal since I need to write and memorize an opening statement. I like to rely heavily on my notes, and that just doesn't fly with opening statements. Still trying to get better with thinking on my feet. At least the defense attorney is a decent guy, and not some douchebag that would smell "newby intern" and do douchebag things just to rattle me. I don't think. Ugh. I love the rush though, I love doing things that are out of my comfort zone, and I love a challenge. I'm totally stoked!

4. Barrister's Ball! It's this Saturday. I've got my HAWT dress that shows a scandalous amount of boobage, and my hot gay male escourt; it's going to be a whole lot of scandal. Pictures will be on Facebook, for those of you who are my "friends." (Again, probably why I don't have a job.)

5. Lent. Fat Tuesday is next week, followed by Ash Wednesday and the Lenten Season. I'd love to give up studying for Lent, but I'm told it doesn't work that way. I'm thinking fast food, but I haven't decided yet. If I give up caffeine, I'll just be sleeping until Easter. Maybe I should give up sleeping in on Sundays and actually going to mass. Heh.


Cee said...

Good luck on your trial! Sorry about the FBI- you could always apply to the Men In Black? ok I know that was lame...

My husband can sleep through the baby's cries too!

Shelley said...

JSS: Priceless and will use it liberally.

I am so sorry about the job hunt. You're too good for the FBI! Keep an eye on usajobs for federal positions, though - your degree is more useful than just for wiping up spills. Usually, anyway. :)

newduck said...

Molars suck ass. My baby is getting one right now and it's miserable. As for your opening statements, is this a real trial? Or a mock trial? If it's the former, it's totally a personal thing whether you use notes or not. I always use notes in opening statements, and I know lots of other lawyers who do, too. Not sure if that helps, but I'm sure you'll do great one way or another.