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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

It's a brand new year

Hey, I guess while I'm waiting endlessly at O'Hare, the least I could do is blog. Am I going to finish my Crim Pro reading for tomorrow? Hell no! But I figure I could break my lengthy hiatus.

I've been in Chicago since yesterday. I took the PMF exam this morning. Now I'm waiting for my return flight from Chicago, where I'll drive another hour back home (the ticket was $200 cheaper). I'm beginning to think I should have just driven up to Chicago, however. I'm glad I got to the airport super early, since I got stuck going through security. (Some dude was searched for being brown, Muslim and foreign, so then security "randomly" checked the rest of the line's bags to act like they weren't racially profiling. Not fooling anyone, seriously.) O'Hare airport security has now seen my knickers. And they aren't my sexy knickers, they're like my cotton knickers with like polka dots and shit. Oh, and even better, my pirate pajamas were in there too. (Hey, it's not like there was any sexy time to be had, I'm traveling alone.) Security dude chuckled over that one. I gave him the stink eye, and then he wanted to start chatting about my law books. I grumbled about how law school was the worst mistake of my life, stuffed my knickers back in my suitcase and took the long trek to my gate, where I'm camping out with my laptop until my flight leaves.

Other than the annoyance of flying out of O'Hare, the trip to Chicago has been awesome though. I got in yesterday about 4:30, and headed over to visit a friend of mine and her new baby! She wasn't due until the end of the month, so the baby was very considerate in coming early so I'd get to see her. She's so sweet and tiny, and drinks only this tiny little bottle! I can't believe Cora was ever that tiny. My wiggly little chatterbox, that is constantly on the go, and eats everything in sight. Crazy!

Anyway, my friend is a trooper and drove me to my hotel in the loop (about a 15 minute drive), even though I said I'd take the train, since it was late. I stayed at Hotel Blake, which was fabulous. I wish I'd had longer to enjoy the hotel. But I had to get up early in the morning and head over to the federal building to take the exam. Which I rocked, by the way. Me and the chick next to me finished in like half the time on each section. We're looking around and most of the rest of the room is like sweating bullets, using all of the time. One section is logic problems. You know, like "All reptiles are cold-blooded," does that mean that all cold-blooded animals are reptiles? Derrr. Slightly more complicated than that, of course, and part of government-esque memos and such. Much the concept is the same. Then there's the "life assessment" portion, which is like "which of the following would your friends say most describes you?" Bleh. Then there was the grammar/spelling/are you literate? portion of the exam. I'm a stickler for grammar (other than in speech or blogging), so not a problem. The consensus among the law student crowd was that was super easy (because law students excel at taking exams about nothing, like the LSAT). So, we'll just see if they like my "life assessment" portion enough to make me a finalist. I answered the questions honestly, which means they know that I get bored easily, lose motivation when I do, am not self-motivated and am greatly annoyed by my classmates. Sweet.

Finally, after the exam, I met up with Kim for lunch at a little Italian bistro. Which was totally awesome! I've never met a fellow blogger before, so it was totally cool. Kim's exactly how I imagined, fun and outgoing! Hopefully we can do it again soon. I love Chicago, and need to visit more often!

After lunch, I took Kim's advice and went to what I call the uber-Macy's, where I only bought one skirt. I tried on evening gowns, but as usual, my boobs didn't fit in any of them. (I'm a size 12, the boobs are a size 18. Ugh. It's just unnecessary.) Then I popped into a few other stores, Borders, Nordstroms, and the like. Enjoyed being in Chicago. Stared longingly at DePaul, wishing I'd gone there for law school instead of the higher-ranked but greatly craptastic Mediocre Law School. Granted, there aren't any jobs, but at least I would have had a helluva time while suffering through law school. And *they* have an international moot court team. So does the law school [in the city I'm flying to] which is ranked 50 places lower than us, but probably should be ranked higher, proving the rankings mean crap. Anyway. So I totally have city envy now.

School is, of course, back in session. I got last semester's grades, which were all pretty good except for BA which gave me a big fat C in a four-credit hour course. I got an A- in scientific evidence but it was only 2 hours, and the rest of the grades were in the B range. Meh. My gpa barely moved.

Anyway, I could write more, but I now have to move gates, because my flight's been moved. I. Hate. O'Hare. Packin' it up. I'll try to blog again soon. I've been concentrating on sucking at life a little bit less and therefore, blogging less since I have less free time.


gudnuff said...

Welcome back. You were missed! And my, you've been busy. And successful, sounds like. Congratulations on the exam. Thanks for this post.

LL said...

I thought I commented on this. Just wanted to add that O'Hare sucks and Chicago is awesome. Over the holidays I was so happy to be able to avoid the former but thinking of downtown and snow and lights made me desperately miss the latter. Sigh... glad you had a good trip though!

newduck said...

This is so weird. I took the PMF last year (8.5 months prego, by the way) and THERE WAS NO LOGIC SECTION. Huh.

Proto Attorney said...

I guess it's technically more "inference" type questions, but the concept is pretty much the same.

Did you go to the DC job fair? I'm now thinking maybe the whole thing is a gigantic waste of money/time. One of my friends was a finalist. She has both a JD and MA from the same grad program, and did two internships with State while in grad school, but she never got a job offer through PMF. Ugh.