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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Family bonding

My BFF (and Cora's godfather) is in town visiting, and has been staying with us. She generally sobs uncontrollably the first time she sees him, then warms up to him after awhile. She does the same thing with her grandfather. It isn't stranger anxiety -- she generally flirts with every other man she comes in contact with. Can't figure out what her deal is with them, but they're best buds now.

Cora's been a hateful little thing all week, thanks to teething and also just boredom, I think, from being stuck in the house all week. But also, she's becoming much more of a Daddy's Girl and could give a crap less about Mommy. I leave the room? Whatever, who cares. Daddy leaves the room? Oh my god. She throws her head back and sobs uncontrollably, like the world is ending. It's rather pathetic. Oh, and she likes my mom better than me, which is definitely the universe screwing with me. My kid *would* like my mother better. I know it's probably just a "phase" but I honestly believe this foreshadows our future relationship. I'd hoped we'd be buds, but I have a feeling we're going to be entirely too much alike to get along. The kid's a lot like me, it's troubling. Good and bad. It's gonna be a rough 17 years!

Anyway, it is a fun age though. She's got a seriously huge appetite, and she loves all food. Except key lime pie, I discovered. She loves Mexican food, and we go to this little Mexican restaurant up the road (we live in a part of town that's heavily populated with Mexican immigrants, which means awesome restaurants and groceries). The folks that run this restaurant are from Oaxaca, and the food is fabulous. They've got the usual Americanized Mexican dishes, but they also have a lot of regional dishes that are fantastic. But the cutest thing is that Cora now dips her tortilla chips in the salsa. She also tries to dip her fingers in the salsa, but hopefully her table manners will improve.

Other new tricks... she said her first actual word, which was "duck." At least that's what I think she said. She was in the bathtub at the time, and there were ducks, so I just assumed. But certainly she's my kid, so the word probably started with an "f" instead. However, we'll write "duck" in the baby book. She says "mama" and "dada," but I'm still not convinced she knows which of us is which. She also says "Uh oh!" when she drops something, and she says "awwwww!" when she hugs the dog, which is so unbelievably adorable, I can't stand it. And of course, she still babbles constantly. We've been resisting using the church daycare, because then we'd have to serve one shift a month taking care of other people's brats, but I think we might have to break down and do it. She talks, loudly, the entire time.

She's still doing really good in daycare, although since they've started trying to get her to nap on the cot instead of in the crib, she's not been taking very long naps. (Apparently toddlers have to nap on the cots, so that's one of the tests before moving to the toddler room.) I haven't been pushing the sippy cup as much as I should have. She didn't really like the whole milk, so I was trying to get her off formula and onto milk before I took away the bottle. I should probably take the bottle away soon. Oh, and the latest thing is that Cora wakes up in the middle of the night, like 3 or 4 am and starts talking. Just talking. For like an hour. Loudly. My kid talks too much.

So that's pretty much it. And in an unusual glimpse of what I look like, I have to share this photo BFF and I took this week, because it's hilarious and just so... us.


gudnuff said...

Very cool! Again - glad to have you back. Love the pics. Cora looks like a sweetie-pie.

Trannyhead said...

She's getting so much hair, now!

My son never did take to cow milk. He still won't touch it and he's 18 months.

I tried unsuccessfully with the sippy cup FOREVER. EVERY model. I put watered down juice in it. I put water in it. Finally? I put formula in it - and then he chugged it down. Apparently he just hated the stuff I was giving him and not the cup ... whoops.

newduck said...

A-DOR-ABLE!!! She is super cute. If it makes you feel better, my girl seems to care less about me, and I don't even have a husband for her to prefer!