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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Too much husband

Husband has decided to take a weekend position at the hospital. Which means he will only be working two nights a week instead of three (but still gets paid for three) and both of those nights will be during the weekend (Friday, Saturday or Sunday). This is all going to end badly. Very badly.

The biggest problem I foresee is the change in baby schedule. Generally he works Sunday, Monday and Tuesday nights, then gets home in the morning when Cora wakes up Monday through Wednesday. Which doesn't really matter, because I work those three days and have to get then anyway, but at least I don't have to wake us both up extra early. My mom comes over to watch her on Mondays and Tuesdays, and on Wednesdays he takes her to daycare. Thursdays and Fridays, however, he whines every single morning because I want him to get up with Cora and take her to daycare so I can sleep in a little before heading to campus all day, even though he can come home, go back to bed and sleep until the evening if he wants (and often does), whereas I'll get an extra two hours sleep. I can only imagine what kind of whining there will be during the entire week that he's not working. I have class every day early in the morning, so while I'll get up, feed her and change her, he'll still have to be up with her after I leave to take her to daycare. Which will mean having conversations every single day about why I can't take her to daycare on my way to campus (uh, because I'm not getting me and the kid up an extra 45 minutes early to go further away from campus in rush hour traffic when he has nothing better to do other than sleep all day and can wait to take her until traffic has cleared). Gives me a headache.

The other problem will be seeing entirely too much of him. He'll be home all day, every day, while I'll have class all morning, then having worked all afternoon. (And eventually, hopefully, having worked all day.) And instead of getting the evening to myself after Cora's bedtime, he's going to drive me crazy.

The final problem will be having the kid all weekend by myself. Even if he works every Sunday and then either Friday or Saturday, if he works Friday night, he'll just sleep all day Saturday and wake up around 7 or 8pm, and if he works Saturday, he'll still sleep all day Saturday and go to work at 7. The weekends are usually when I get caught up with my homework. During the week, between school and work, I'm usually too tired to get much done at night. Now I'll have to figure out some other time to do homework.

I hate the new schedule. But what was I supposed to tell him? No, you shouldn't cut your hours for the same amount of pay, because you will irritate me? Sigh. I think I'll be spending more quality time at the newly asbestos-abated law library in the evenings for the good of our marriage.


Cee said...

that sounds like it will be tough! Having you and baby time ALL WEEKEND- wow! It sounds like you two are pretty good about splitting baby duty though, for the most part. Since I'm staying home this semester I am basically the SOLE baby provider. I think my husband got up a total of ONCE during the middle of the night. Oh and he wonders why I don't have time to clean...

PT-LawMom said...

Ugh. When Chapin and I were first married, he worked two full-time jobs. It was freaking awesome. Then Pumpkinhead was born and I worked days/he worked nights so we could avoid daycare costs. Then we moved down here and he worked out of town 21 days straight, home three days, 21 days, three days, etc., for a year. Then... he was home. Every night. And now we are divorced. Ha.

Hope you guys figure out a rhythm! The law library definitely sounds like a good idea!

Proto Attorney said...

It's all great fun for three days, but by the fourth day it's like, why are you still here? Don't you have somewhere to be? Fish, house guests and husbands! Shew!

I don't mind so much the extra baby care time on the weekends, except now I have to study during the week when I'm more cranky and tired. And I'll get less *quality* time with Husband (which has been the weekend), but more face time -- when I'm cranky and tired, and when he's been stuck in the house all day. It's going to be a disaster. One of us will end up smothered in our sleep by a pillow. My money's on him.

Seriously, I think our relationship works so well because we lead independent lives. It works very well for us. The worst thing we have to fight about is whose lazy ass has to get up on Saturday morning and entertain the baby.

Laurie said...

At least you'll still have Geek Night without him!

Shelley said...

Definitely set up a schedule - lay down the law!

I miss the days of the occasional business trip - 5 days gone, and by the last two, I really missed him! But breaks are good.

Butterflyfish said...

See now I can't post anything like this on my blog anymore because my husband is a regular reader.... and now he comments too.

And sometimes one really needs to vent about the Hubbys

Proto Attorney said...

Husband refuses to read my blog, but I have told him everything that's in the post. And that one of us is definitely going to strangle the other as a result of this weekend schedule. It will all end badly.