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Thursday, December 4, 2008


Things that are awesome:

1. NPH is definitely awesome. So is this video:

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2. Spending the break time between classes not studying, but rather searching for phallic/otherwise dirty kitchen utensils on Williams-Sonoma and repeatedly sending the links via Facebook to a friend creating a wedding registry. Our favorite? This. (If you don't get why it looks dirty, I'm not explaining it to you.)

3. The phrase "900-page cloud of flatulence" used to describe a wingnutter's guide to history. This is my new favorite phrase.

Things that are not awesome:

1. Standing outside for 20 minutes in 30 degree weather, having no coat (only a hoody), because someone accidentally pulled the fire alarm when their backpack got hooked on it.

2. Babies with daycare funk. My kid was up half the night coughing her little head off. Our friend's kid took a trip to the ER earlier in the week for a more severe case of what Cora's got now.

3. 1L's having a food fight in the library. I'm hungry, bitches, why are you wasting food?

4. Being at the courthouse until 9:30 again tonight for the final Lit Skills trial. At least I'm just a juror. I'm a 3L, I have mastered napping with my eyes open.


CM said...

My absolute favorite part of "Harold and Kumar Go to Guantanamo" is Harold's cry: "Neil! NEIL! NPHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"

Cee said...

a food fight? do they think they're in kindergarten???

I LOVE that video- I just happened to see it today for the first time. Soooo funny!

Laurie said...

Wow. Those bowls are so very Georgia O'Keefe, or Judy Chicago. Either one.

newduck said...

That picture of the bowls is totally over the top. Don't tell me the company didn't do that deliberately.

Advisor said...

Why did they choose that color? Regardless, I love the fact that you take your time for such a mixed-use study. Dinner time must be crazy at your house.