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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Home stretch

It's finally the home stretch. Last week of classes, two weeks of finals ahead.

Last night was my Lit Skills murder trial. We lost. We had no real evidence, we had two witnesses that were just terrible and one who was unrealiable at best (the characters, not the folks who performed). The judge suppressed key evidence that might have swayed the jury to convict. Oh well. That's just how it goes. It was fun though, I really think I'll enjoy the prosecutorial internship next semester, although I still have a long way to go before I would consider myself "good" at trial work. At this point, I'm acceptable though. I'm painfully aware of my weaknesses, and continue to work on them.

But, one class down, four to go. We made the official call last night to withdraw from the moot court competition. I'm incredibly disappointed, but I understand people's financial situations are changing, especially thanks to the sudden realization that none of us are going to have jobs next year. However, we are still going to fundraise in the spring and get next year's group started. I still learned a lot from working on the memo, and once the winning memos come out, I plan to look back over the problem and learn from the best and brightest. Terribly bummed that we aren't going though, and still pissed at the dean for her attitude concerning the whole thing. Not to mention, if we could have asked for donations, this wouldn't be an issue, we could have gotten the whole trip paid. Anyway, I'm saving my frequent flier miles that I was going to cash in to get my plane ticket, and instead, provided I find employment, Husband and I will go to Europe next fall.

Since I suddenly have less to do this week, we're going to dinner tonight with some friends. (Their daughter is three months older than Cora.) It will also be nice to spend some time with Cora. I've had to be at the courthouse at 6:30 the past two nights, and Husband was working, so my mom kept Cora at her house since Sunday night. Fortunately, our trial ended at a reasonable time last night and I got home at 9. Mom got there with Cora about 15 minutes later. She was very happy to be home. I think she was happy to see me, she gave me big smiles and a big hug... and then immediately reached for the dog. Sigh. I don't know why the dog is so cool, I find her rather annoying and disgusting myself. But Cora had a delightful time playing "fetch" with the dog using an empty coke bottle (the dog loves plastic bottles, she carries them around in her mouth and they make popping sounds when she squeezes them... best dog toy ever). Cora would take the bottle from Bernie's mouth, throw it (it lands like a foot in front of her), and laugh ecstatically when the dog would pick it back up. I'm glad they keep one another entertained. And honestly, if I could teach the kid to use the bathroom outside, or teach the dog to change diapers, it'd be a fantastic arrangement.

Anyway, today's my last day of work until after finals. Tomorrow, I'm looking forward to sleeping in because I haven't gotten more than 4-5 hours sleep each night. Since the moot court thing is bust and the memo doesn't have to be finished now, I'm going to bed early tonight. Yay for sleep.

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gudnuff said...

Congratulations on finishing your last day of work!!! And cheers to sleeping in. How do you function with only 4-5 hours of sleep over an extended period of time??!? I need at least 7 hours or I forget my own name and what day it is. Or swerve all over the road. I mean, you didn't drive into a tree or anything! So, congratulations again for making it this far. Very good job.