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Sunday, December 21, 2008


I finished my seminar paper on Friday afternoon, in all its glorious mediocrity. It has been turned in, and life can go on. Husband proofed my science, and I had to remove entire paragraphs because, apparently, I don't know "how science works." Bah. Anyway, it's turned in, it's done, and hopefully I will never be involved in toxic mold litigation, because frankly, mold is super gross and super boring.

Friday evening there was much celebration. We got together with law school peeps and had sushi and alcohol. Then we headed over to our friends' Christmas party, where I proceeded to have more alcohol. Saturday I was nursing a hangover, and then the in-laws came in. We finally got a Christmas tree, decorated it, and I think I'm allergic to it, because the sinus issues I had two weeks ago have resurfaced. I have super-terrible sinus headache. I'll go back to the doctor if it doesn't resolve by tomorrow and look into other options, like different allergy meds, nasal sprays, or having my head surgically removed. Whatever works. Anyway, I've got dinner plans tonight with friends in from out of town. In 20 minutes, in fact, but I'm going to be late because Cora's still napping. I'm letting her nap as long as she wants to, since she's had a very busy weekend of being doted upon by grandparents.

Back to work tomorrow, and then Christmas. We already opened our gifts today, since the parents were leaving... Husband totally rocks, I got an over-priced collectible X-Files figurine I've been wanting. Super nerdy, I know, but I'm a super nerdy fangirl, and my husband humors me. In return, Husband got two Doctor Who trade paperbacks and a verrrrry nice bottle of 21 year old single malt Scotch. (The scotch is so old, it can legally drink other scotches.) Cora got a ton of toys, and lots more clothes from her Grandma. We got DVDs from the parents, and they also got me a book on starting a solo practice that came highly recommended. More on that later on.

I still have some shopping to do, like I need to get a gift for my mom, but other than that, Christmas is pretty much done. Part of the problem was our semester ending so damn late. Last year it ended on the 14th. This year it ended on the 20th. Also, I just checked the academic calendar, and we only get three weeks off. That totally blows. Oh well, at least it's my last semester.

Tonight's project after Cora goes to bed is to catch up on an entire semester's worth of laundry disaster, and finally post the book review I was supposed to have done months ago. (Sorry, I suck. Good thing I'm not getting paid for reviewing the book... that might be why no one asks me to review books for money.)

Happy end of semester everyone!


Cee said...

allergic to christmas trees? that as bad as being allergic to christmas!! oh no! congrats on being done and good luck with laundry!

nicole.c.l said...

I just sent you an email asking permission to feature your blog on a website my client is building as a resource for non-traditional students. Please get back to me with any questions. Congrats on finishing your semester!