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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmastime in Hell

Only law students understand the special kind of hell that is finals week(s). How taking a four-credit-hour course means you get to sit and take a four-hour-long final exam. That's curved so you get a worse grade than you would otherwise have gotten because you had the misfortune of taking the same class as all of the smart people. That's completely demoralizing and awful. Don't even get me started on paper-writing and how asinine the citation system is compared to the ease of Chicago Style. (Oh, History, how I miss thee.) Law school sucks, there's just no getting around it.

But no one really understands that other than law students (and former law students). They don't understand that the 20-page paper they're writing on the US/Soviet space race is somehow significantly easier and less work than the 10-page paper on the material support of terrorism provision of the INA. I didn't understand that when I was writing that paper while a junior in undergrad, for a graduate-level course that was super hard but the class was open to undergraduate students and taught by an adjunct with my (future) graduate program. I rocked that paper, I spent an entire weekend doing it, and I got an A in the class, and was so proud of myself for taking a graduate-level class and getting an A.

I just spent an entire weekend writing my immigration paper. I decidedly did not rock that paper. I did a good job, I believe, but I won't be submitting it for publication in any law journals, that's for sure. I think I got a good grade, but unless no one else does brilliantly, I seriously doubt I'll pull the best grade. Definitely above the curve though, so that's something. It'll almost make up for the epic fail of the BA exam.

Anyway, I'm waiting for Cora's bedtime so I can get back to working on my 25-page seminar paper, of which I have a whole 2 pages written. (Right now she's eating dinner and making a mess of herself.) I think it's technically due Saturday, but I don't know where to turn it in on Saturday, and frankly, as of Friday at 5pm, I'm done. I don't care if my paper is written in crayon and 5 pages long, it's getting turned in Friday afternoon. But, it won't come to that. I can get 10 pages written tonight and get the rest written tomorrow, with Friday for revisions and fixing all of my horrific citation mistakes. Then I'm going to dinner with law school peeps for our annual post-finals outing, and off to a Christmas party to see some non-law school peeps. Then to the airport to pick up my mother-in-law. Hopefully she'll be up for some shopping on Saturday, because I have done absolutely no Christmas shopping, no decorating, we haven't even gotten a tree yet. Fortunately my in-laws have the same laissez-faire attitude about cleaning as I do, so they won't be offended by my disaster of a house.

On the agenda for next week: Going back to work on Monday (hopefully I still have a job... I've been sensing the ax is coming with the lack of work). Cleaning my disaster of a house. Going to the gym. Sleeping. Lots and lots of sleeping.


Cee said...

I completely agree with the paper comments. Law school papers kick any other paper's ass big time! Virtually no room for creativity just hard vore analysis! I think the only other profession that has it worse is doctors!

I still don't understand how law moms do it all!!! I guess I'll find out in three weeks...

PT-LawMom said...

UGH!! I am in so much pain here. I had an epic fail with paper number one (negotiations) when I got to the end an hour before the thing was due and realized I should totally have gone a different way and there was also no way I could write any more.

Now I'm in hell and I won't tell you how many pages I do not have written of a paper due Friday. Pumpkinhead has had a nasty cold all week, work is insane, blah, blah, blah, but my head just isn't in the game. Okay, back to work!

PT-LawMom said...

And good luck!!!

LL said...

As much as I miss Christmas break, I do NOT miss finals time. But I miss Christmas break enough to think that just maybe finals time is worth it.

TallyTagerts said...

Are you sure you're not writing about my life? Completely true, even down to the job mess. Only for me, grades are starting to come back and its worse than I could have imagined. Much worse. I'm hoping to be in a better mood by Christmas, but I seriously doubt it.